Aquarian Age ≫ Aquarian age: Juvenile orion vol 01 GN

Aquarian age: Juvenile orion vol 01 GN

Aquarian age: Juvenile orion vol 01 GN

Aquarian age: Juvenile orion vol 01 GN

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Sixteen-year-old Mana returns to her hometown to unite with her childhood sweetheart after 7 years. But Kaname seems to have changed during their years apart. Mana's presence sets off a chain of events that changes the lives of Kaname and his beast firend Naoya forever. Their classmates Isshin and Tsukasa, and their teacher Tomonori find themselves drawn to her as well. They soon discover that they are all a part of the Aquarian Age -- a secret war raging for thousands of years. Now the fate of the world hangs in the balance as one girl meets her destiny.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Brocolli
Series Aquarian Age
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Adventure , Science Fiction , Romance , Action , Supernatural , Music
Product Code PRE-2004022177
Customer reviews
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"I loved it!" by EllyYuki (Belgi├ź) on Jun 14, 2007

I loved the first volume! My favorite parts are the ones where you can see Tsukasa's wings! x3 I want the second one!

"Got it free with the movie DVD, none the less..." by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Dec 10, 2005

Well, after having this a few months in my possesion I finally have read it. At first I became all puzzled because of all the names that were flying around. But... after studying the character profiles at the beginning of the book, it all was a lot easier to understand. And ofcourse you can recognize the faces. But.... if you are distracted or if you're just not good with a lot of names in very few pages, check out the character profiles first. (What I mean with this? People calling the first names and in the second window calling the surnames, etc...).

Okies... that was about the little confusion at first. Now the story. I've seen the anime Aquarian Age and the movie. This is another story! While being dazed at first (yeah, by the names), I got into this pretty quick. Then I got hooked.

This is an introduction to all the characters and a little info on the different fractions. Not all is clear in the beginning. Who is with what fraction and who is opposed, etc. What you do get to see very early: A battle between two people close to eachother.

Very well written, easy to read and easy to get sucked into. Recommended!