Negima ≫ Magister Negima manga 03

Magister Negima manga 03

Magister Negima manga 03

Magister Negima manga 03

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Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Kodansha JP
Series Negima
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code KOD-MNMT0003
Customer reviews
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"i read the 1st book" by nienie (UK) on May 19, 2005

My friend lent me an english version of the 1st book- I think he got it from America. I totally agree with the previous reviewer... at first, you think that the girls are going to have similar personalities to the 'Love Hina' group, but they are all different and its a great start to the series!!!

"magical" by G. S De Bruijn (Netherlands) on Apr 26, 2004

Ken Akamatsu's newest manga, this is definitly an hit seller.
Famous from love hina, this comic is yet again filled with comedy, panty's and mistery.

Negi is a 10 year old english kid and a mage. He worked hard for 7 years overcoming all kinds of trials to become a great mage, now he gets his final task......... He is sent to an all girl school to become a teacher. All kinds of troubles will come when negi becomes a teacher.

When this comes out in english you'll have to buy it. People who can read japanese are so lucky, they can buy it now.^^