Series not available ≫ Magie interieure tome 01

Magie interieure tome 01

Magie interieure tome 01

Magie interieure tome 01

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Enfant, Haruko Morimiya a hérité du don de sorcellerie de sa maman. Depuis qu'elle a gagné un concours dans son collège, elle reçoit des lettres anonymes qui lui demandent de chasser une sorcière qui fréquenterait l'école. De très étranges événements surviennent alors... Bouleversée, elle va devoir découvrir sa magie intérieure pour résoudre la situation.

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Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Akata - Delcourt
Series Series not available
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language French
Product Code DEL-MINT0001
Customer reviews
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"Saki Hiwatari strikes again!" by Tobi (Germany) on Jul 19, 2004

Magical power in shojo mangas - that's not only girls wearing silly costumes and fighting the forces of evil. The magic in Saki Hiwatari's "Magie Intérieure" is different and not very spectacular. It's for example something to encourage you, or it'll help you to speak with a louder voice etc. That's a view on magic I find very refreshing. But this manga is more than that: It's a story about friendship and about an issue, that's largely considered to be a particularly Japanese problem, but that also exists in Europe or America as well: Haruko Mirimiya is victim of the so-called "Ijime", i.e. she's avoided and rejected by other pupils (and even by her teachers). With those ingredients, the author knows how to build a story which is touching, exciting and even humourus - Saki Hiwatari fortunately hasn't lost her sense of self-mockery.
Delcourt also did a very good job in publishing this series. Dust jackets, lots of explanations and footnotes, a collection of covers and drawings and even a short view on school system in Japan in general are all included in this still low-priced edition of a wonderful story that no one should miss.

"Fun Shojo Manga" by Koen Smet (België) on Mar 24, 2004

This manga is drawn by the author of the excellent Please Save My Earth. Magie Intérieure - Cosmo no Bokura in Japanese - doesn't have the depth of PSME but it sure is an entertaining read.