Transformers ≫ Super Link Transformer SD-06 Command Jaguar

Super Link Transformer SD-06 Command Jaguar

Super Link Transformer SD-06 Command Jaguar

Super Link Transformer SD-06 Command Jaguar

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Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Adventure , Science Fiction
Product Code TAK-TRFZ6012
Customer reviews
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"Super Link Command Jaguar" by Veli Vidgren (Finland) on Aug 21, 2008

Command Jaguar seems to be a homage to G1 Ravage. The robot mode has good poseability for a figure of this size, but isn't exceptionally impressive. The beast mode, on the other hand, looks very good as a robotic panther. Not everyone may like the ball and chain as a tail, I feel indifferent. The guns, that can be combined, look like they're homage to G1 Megatron.

All in all, Command Jaguar is fairly impressive toy for its size mainly because of the cool beast mode and is highly recommended.

"Awesome" by evilpresident (België) on Jan 10, 2008

this one's Jaguar mode is simply awesome! his robot mode on the other hand isn't as cool but you can just keep hm in jaguar mode then.

All and all he's a cool evil guy

"Command Jaguar!!!" by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Aug 24, 2004

This con (it was created by Alpha Q....but became a con by "enslavement by the hands of Galvatron....) is absolutly beautiful in jaguar-mode! It's, together with the hawk, one of the best little transformers of the Superlink-wave!

In robotmode it also looks cool, but it's better to have it in jaguar-mode (as it is now in my cuboard!)

I want another one of these!!! (But I'm gonna wait till the Energon-series hit the shops over here.....or not.......)

This is absolutly a must have!!!! And not that expensive aswell!

"Quite nice" by Rob Spoor (Netherlands) on Jan 31, 2004

Simple yet elegent. Like firefox said, it looks like a mix between Beast Wars' Ravage and Tigatron. The animal mode is very cool, robot mode is a bit worse because of an ugly face (Tigatron could pull it off; this one can't), but is still nice.

It also would have been better if the weapons had a more natural color.

"cool!" by firefox (België) on Jan 6, 2004

I wasn't to fond of energon or super link at first sight, but i liked this toy.

It's good articulated, could have used some more articulation in the shoulders doh, the transformation reminds me of early Beast Wars figures, but overall a nice toy.

The green of the weapons actually looks better in real life then on picture and the japanese card and bubble are reusable.