Transformers ≫ Transformers BT-04 Hound Diecast figure

Transformers BT-04 Hound Diecast figure

Transformers BT-04 Hound Diecast figure

Transformers BT-04 Hound Diecast figure

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The 4th release in the incredible popular Binaltech TF series is Hound! This line keeps getting better and better. Hound transforms from Jeep to Robot mode and back and features lots of details in both modes. The carmodes in this line are just amazing with real rubber tires, opening doors, trunk and lots of other details. Highly recommended!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ5004
Customer reviews
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"Great Hound Binaltech" by Fai (Sweden) on Sep 11, 2007

This is my first Binaltech Transformers and I must say
that this is a quality collecting toy. It has much better
quality than the 20th Aniversary Optimus and the paintjob is perfect. This Transformers should
be a part of the Masterpiece series.

When Hound is in Jeep form is just like an die-cast car, you can't hardly see it's a robot. You can open to see the engine, the doors and you can even fold down
the chairs. And the wheels have shock absorbers just
like real cars.

In robot form, Hound look prettty much like in the G1
TV show. The only thing missing is his shoulder
rocketcanon. But his gun have the correct appaerance.
The joints are very good on the arms and legs. The
joints on the hips are a bit loose. But when you
have figure out how to pose the robot and the 2 wheels
can actually help and support him to stand more sturdy. I have nothing to complain about this robot.
It's just perfect, I'm so happy to have it.

Now when I have my first Binaltech Transformers,
I think I will never go back and collect from the
other series than the Binaltech and Masterpiece Series.

And Arconia always send the item in such good way,
that even the hardcore collectors should be satisfied.
The box came flawless, super condition.
Be aware that the price here on this transformers is
really good here. Highly recommend to everyone to buy!

"Recommended!" by Lars Elmik (Sweden) on Mar 23, 2007

Binaltech Hound is a great looking incarnation of that old G1 scout that we all love.
Looks very much like he did in the Cartoons both in Jeep and bot mode he looks simple stunning!

The only downsides is that the diecast metal is situeted on the upper part on his body so he tends to fall over sometimes, but he's sturdy so he'll survive it!
Also the arms poseability is limited but he's leg movement is very good!

Overall a good buy and if you are into Binaltech a must buy!

"Hound get an upgrade" by Winkelkar (Belgium) on Jun 28, 2004

First I wasn't too sure about buying this figure or Smokescreen so I bought both ^_^. However Hound was the first one I took out of the package and played with. And you can find my conclusions below.

Hound is very very G1 true. From the looks of it the most accurate one with including the still-to-be released BinalTechs. His colours, his alternate mode everything makes him ready to roll on to the future of transformers toys. His vehicle mode is up to date with the beautiful design from Jeep and his robot mode looks a lot like Hound from the cartoon without losing the BinalTech look.

:: Content of Box ::

- Hound
- Tech spec card
- Manual
- Display stand

As again the box is beautifull and perfect for collecting. It has the same characteristics as the other boxes from the BinalTech line. However what still annoys me to death are those damn twist ties. They can leave those out with eas as the toy is packaged very sturdy in the plastic. I'm always afraid I might damage the toy with those things. I mean when I remove them of course. There is more than enough plastic in the box to keep the toy in it's place.

And again the gorgeous cardboard display stand is included. Right now I have him in Jeep mode on it. It's a perfect way to display your Binaltech's and to show off what toyline you're collecting. Adding that to the toy is the best thing they've done considering extra's.

:: car mode ::
The details are again explicit! Besides some obvious give aways he¿s perfect for just car collecting as well. Although I'm no Jeep Wrangler person actually. His alternate mode does indeed look true but I prefer Smokescreen or Lambor any day over this one. A clever gimmick are the mirrors. They are in rubber so they won't break off as easily as the hard plastic ones do.
One minor other thing. Hound's wheels don't turn like the other cars. Before you start talking down on it you'll understand when you have the toy. It's because of the transformation. The wheels fold down separately and there's no room for a magnetic click system like the other ones. But they do roll! ^_^

:: robot mode ::
As far as looks go you won¿t hear me complaining about the toy! Also Hound has better poseability than the other current releases. You can even make him kneel! And his feet swivel inside. This results in an impressive array of poses but unfortunately, not everything can be perfect. His arms have very little poseability. The shoulder movement in particular is extemely limited thus also the array of poses for his arms. This is the only real thing where Hound lets me down.
Maybe the gun is a bit small but considering where it is stored it doesn't surprise me. And it's more original than being part of the engine again. But hey the guy doesn't need a big gun because he's a scout! And scout boys don't carry big guns. Hehehe...

I also find this toy to be the least difficult one to transform. I had no problems at any point. Maybe I've grown accustom to the BinalTech transformations but this one is also quite simple. Another thing I had with mine was a loose hip. But no problems! Anyone who has this: you can fix it with some minor modelling glue. Just apply it to the joint and wait. Of course you'll need to take the leg off for that. If you dare.

Again a very nice BT release. If the line continues to be of this quality then be damn sure of it that I'll be buying everyone of them.

"Very cool transformer" by Foximus Prime (Netherlands) on May 2, 2004

This transformer is a jeep and a robot. Two great characteristics put together. IT looks really nice, and it would fit in any collection.
The car mode is a jeep and it looks great, the robot mode is also very nice, either mode is really nice.
I recommend this one along with all the other toys from this alternator/ binaltech series. They are all so nice.

"BT Hound" by Seth (België) on Apr 22, 2004

Hound is, net als alle BT's perfect!
Transformatie is redelijk gemakkelijk maar als je't probeert aan de hand van de instructies kun je toch wel een uurtje bezig zijn. Het enige dat ik eigenlijk aan te merken heb aan deze BT is het belachelijk kleine pistooltje. Ik heb mijn exemplaar een kanon gegeven dat ik uit een oude micromaster base/tank gehaald heb en dat ziet er veel beter uit.

Nog een kleine vaststelling: Toen ik het pak met m'n BT's opende was ik nogal bang om ze te beschadigen. Ik had namelijk gelezen dat er veel mensen waren die, tijdens het transformeren, de verf beschadigden. Hierdoor durfde ik bijna niet aan m'n BT's komen maar ik heb er nu vier en ik moet toch wel zeggen dat ik niet begrijp hoe dit kan komen. Mijn Hound is van z'n display gedonderd (1,5 m hoog) en er was niets aan. Ik wilde dit er toch wel even bijzetten omdat ik denk dat sommige mensen misschien niet ten volle kunnen genieten van hun BT door deze overdreven voorzichtigheid. Je moet er natuurlijk niet mee gaan voetballen maar door ze gewoon te transformeren kun je ze volgens mij niet beschadigen.

"almost perfect" by g2jazz (Nederland) on Apr 16, 2004

first the car mode.... very cool design and also nice feature of the suspencers, like a real jeep it can drive... only tobad it hasnt'got that both wheel steering like smokescreen and sideswipe.

transforming: very simple.. only i had a litte diffeculty with the feet... with al the turning and all.. but still very simple in complete picture.. if you compare to sideswipe.

robot mode: if it had a cannon on it shulder.. it would be like seeing g1 hound again.... very good in details and has good articulations.

overal 5 stars