Sergeant Frog ≫ SGT. Frog vol 01 GN

SGT. Frog vol 01 GN

SGT. Frog vol 01 GN

SGT. Frog vol 01 GN

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Sgt. Keroro, commanding officer of Planet Keron's invasion force, has a problem. After blowing his cover and losing his top-secret weapon, the froglike alien has been cut off from the homeworld. To make things worse, he's lost communications with the rest of his platoon. Now he has taken cover in the Hinata family household, where in exchange for doing his share of the chores, he gets his own room from which to secretly devise new plans for world domination!

Product details
Adult No
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Sergeant Frog
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Science Fiction
Product Code PRE-2003122705
Customer reviews
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"Super!" by Madoka (Nederland) on Aug 19, 2011

Ik ben echt dol op de Keroro Gunso anime en toen moest ik natuurlijk ook de manga hebben en die is minstens net zo leuk! Ik ben echt weg van die idiote Keroro en zijn vrienden en ik hoop dat de manga nog meer nieuwe avonturen bied dan er al in de anime zat.

"Hilarisch" by Spirit (Belgium) on Nov 7, 2009

Een absolute aanrader als je van (soms wat dwaze) humor houdt. Op sommige momenten is hij misschien wat ecchi, maar ik zou hem toch classificeren als voor alle leeftijden leesbaar.
Hij voelt ook langer aan dan andere mangas die even dik zijn, misschien zijn de bladeren wat dunner, ik heb er niet echt op gelet. De tekenstijl is aangenaam, de humor is consequent, soms wat absurd, en het verhaal is.. Nuja, origineel genoeg. Ik vind het echt een aanrader, ik ga een aantal van de volgende volumes binnenkort moeten aanschaffen.

"Fun till the last page" by miss_maha (Netherlands) on Nov 13, 2007

When you're used to watching the anime Keroro gunso the manga might need a little taking used to.
Don't put it away though! Cause it's even funnier and more detailed then the anime.
Hilarious manga with parodies on evangelion and gundam.
A true must read!

"A fun and thrilling manga!" by Rutto (Netherlands) on May 20, 2006

Keroro Gunsou, translated as Sergeant Frog, is a fun manga about alien frogs invading Earth (or Pekopon, as the Kerorons call it).

In this first volume, we meet up with the first few main characters. Fuyuki, a boy with an interest in everything alien. Natsumi, the prototype of an ever-suspecting sister. Their mother, a manga editor who is perplexed by the aliens. Momoka, daughter of a rich family who tries to attain Fuyuki's love. And ofcourse two of the frogs: Keroro, the squad leader who loves to build Gundam models and Tamama, the youngest soldier of the squad who tries to keep Keroro all to himself.

All of these characters add together for an interesting mix of humor and a touch of overdone science-fiction. This gives the manga an interesting story.

The drawings are done in a very cute way, that everyone will adore.

This manga is suited for everyone. Try it yourself, and find out why the anime-equivalent of this manga is so popular and generates so much merchandise in Japan!