Eerie Queerie (Ghost) ≫ Eerie Queerie (Ghost) vol 01 GN

Eerie Queerie (Ghost) vol 01 GN

Eerie Queerie (Ghost) vol 01 GN

Eerie Queerie (Ghost) vol 01 GN

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Mitsuo Shiozu is an ordinary student with an extraordinary gift - wandering spirits use his body and mind to communicate with loved ones. But sometimes this "sixth sense" puts Mitsuo in unusual situations. When his mind and body are taken over by two otherworldly women, he suddenly develops a few fawning admirers...of the male kind!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Eerie Queerie (Ghost)
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Supernatural , Shonen-ai
Product Code PRE-2003122686
Customer reviews
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"Very funny!" by Anthoinette (Netherlands) on Aug 26, 2010

One of the funniest yaoi/shounen-ai manga series I have read! Many, many times situations and dialogue was laugh out loud hilarious. The artwork was pretty consistent throughout and the storyline really kept you interested in what was happening to the characters.

It didn't drag out too long, four volumes was the right amount, although I would love to see the characters a few months later in their relationships in another set of manga.

The only thing a bit confusing was the ending was rather peculiar, as the big-eyed little Mitsuo suddenly became the passionate aggressor over his amore, the tall, very sexy Hasunuma, but if you read it, you'll see what I mean. Even so, THAT was enjoyable and extremely hilarious too!

"Oh My god!" by sachi (Nederland) on Mar 4, 2008

This manga is so great!
My friend bought it, and I immediately asked if I could read it! I was constantly laughing (so don't read in public ;)), because it was just so funny! The ghosts (mostly girls) can take over his body, they are still on earth tbecause they have still one thing to do, but, unfortunately for Mizuki, to make things right with their secret crushes! and yes, you guessed right, the crushes are boys! I won't tell anything more; I think that says enough... Enjoy reading the manga! extremely highly recommended! (Even if you don't like shounen-ai)

"Fun and... fun! XD" by Maria Maric (Denmark) on Jun 8, 2007

My absolute favourite shounen-ai!

The story get's sweeter as it goes leaving first volume to be nice but the following volumes are even better!

I especially love the bonus story in this volume where our main character shrinks to the size of a mouse so that he's able to eat a piece of watermelon as if it was a mountain of this deliscious fruit.

"Mitsuo sees dead people and so should you!" by Tennak (Denmark) on Apr 15, 2006

Mitsuo can see dead people.
And they can take over his body.
This manga is funny. It explores the boys love theme in a unusual way. Mitsuo is not gay and doesn¿t want to kiss other guys, but the female possesor make him do things he really doesn¿t want to. He also gets to explore the idea of friendship for the first time.
The style of drawing is light and airy and the guys are beautifully drawn. It is a very good addition to a collection of boys love manga and it¿s very funny!

"So freaking funny!" by Nikki Aino (Nederland) on Sep 17, 2004

The art might be a bit weird at some points, it really doesn't get in the way of this being a very enjoyable story!
It has some good humor in it and, as you probably figured when you saw the strange title, is filled with boy x boy love.

So, if your an shonen-ai fan, go and buy it. I enjoyed it, and you probably will too XD

"A lot better than it sounds. " by Miya (Nederland) on Jun 8, 2004

Despite the ridiculous title, why the hell didn't they stick to the original one?, this is one manga that will probably be overlooked for all the wrong reasons, which is a shame because it's really a lot better than I'd imagined. Actually, the title and the average cover-art of this manga is what made me doubt the overall quality and I put it off until I spotted it at the con and, then I was so desperate for some boyxboy action that I just right out bought it without even properly leafing through it. XD *shifty eyed look* my great surprise this really turned out to be a very enjoyable manga.

The art may need a little getting used to for some people, as the quality of the first volume tends to shift slightly, but it always stays above average. That and, toward the middle of the volume the artist seems to have picked up on where to effectively place panels. (They started off being a bit too small and too close to each other). So give it some time and it will get a lot better. Personally I found the art very, very cute..and the facial expressions are also really well done. ^__^; Especially in certain, er...'situations'. *SNORTS* >_>;

The story itself seems a bit weird at first, but as with the art, it picks up and gets better by the page. And I really liked the little side-story at the end of Vol. 1. ^^à

All in all, a very enjoyable manga (with a very cheap sounding title.), that is sure to please the shounen-ai fans among give it a try, chances are it will get you hooked.