Ai yori Aoshi ≫ Ai Yori Aoshi vol 02 of 17 GN

Ai Yori Aoshi vol 02 of 17 GN

Ai Yori Aoshi vol 02 of 17 GN

Ai Yori Aoshi vol 02 of 17 GN

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When the beautiful Aoi stepped into Kaoru's life, he got all of the difficulties of cohabitation with none of the fun under the sheets. To add to the stress, a new roommate, the Japanese-raised American Tina, tempts Kaoru with her open flirtation. In this comedy of eros, will Aoi and Kaoru see that they are two of a kind? Or will Tina make for a full house?

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Ai yori Aoshi
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Drama , Romance , Harem
Product Code PRE-2003122669
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":D" by Hikariri (Nederland) on Feb 11, 2008

I found this volume very nice, I love the sense of humour and the art itself, the story may be not that original, but the flow of the story is pretty good, pretty good!

"Full house?" by Mazzie (UK) on Oct 23, 2006

Ai Yori Aoshi (True Blue Love) is based on the formulaic shounen romance story which has shot so many series (including the award-winning Love Hina) to fame. But if you think that's all this series has to offer, think again.

In volume 2, Aoi has returned to Tokyo after settling things at home with her family, the Sakurabas. She and Kaoru return to his flat to discover it has been emptied. All his belongings have been moved to a large Sakuraba mansion on the outskirts of Tokyo, and there are some stipulations to their living arrangements. Firstly, Miyabi is to live with Aoi and Kaoru, and secondly - their love has to be kept secret to avoid a scandal. But what matters even more to Kaoru is that he has to sleep in an outhouse on Miyabi's orders!

Months pass and life has slipped back to an almost normality. Kaoru returns to university and it's there that he runs into an old friend - Tina Foster, an American raised in Hakata. She's returned from a year out travelling the world and is ecstatic to meet Kaoru again. She drags him back to the photography club (which he'd neglected for Aoi) and back into the clutches of its sadistic president and vice president. There's also a new member of the photography club, clumsy and hard-working Minazuki Taeko, a first year student.

To celebrate Tina's return and Taeko's membership, Tina proposes a party. Thanks to some pretty dodgy liquor Tina brought back as a present, Kaoru hits the deck and doesn't come home to a worried Aoi.

The next morning, she discovers him fast asleep in the outhouse, and Tina next door. Confusion ensues, and Aoi is just about to tell Tina that she and Kaoru are engaged when Miyabi arrives and tells Tina that Aoi is the mansion's landlady. Tina blags her way into staying at the mansion to the horror of all three residents.

The photography club invite Aoi on their yearly getaway to the mountains and much fun ensues. The gang check in at a hot springs resort and Taeko is sent off in search of ghosts to photograph as her initiation. When Taeko doesn't come back, Aoi and Kaoru set off to find her and the three end up stranded at a shrine in the middle of the forest, and the mist is settling in. Taeko falls asleep and Kaoru comforts Aoi, and the next morning the trio return to the hotel, alongwith Taeko's magnificently spooky photographs.

When Taeko is sacked from her job as a housekeeper, she ends up begging Aoi and Miyabi for a job at their mansion. Aoi is happy to let her stay, but Miyabi isn't convinced - and Taeko's clumsiness isn't helping matters. But with Aoi's help, Taeko cooks up a storm and joins the ever-growing family at the mansion.

Festival day at Kaoru's university arrives and Aoi and Miyabi visit and discover Kaoru dressed in a bunny outfit. The photography club are running an animal cafe, complete with costumes! However, Tina's love for exotic creatures ruins the club's plans and they are left to come up with another idea to raise funds.

Luckily, Aoi's talent at the tea ceremony inspires them into running a traditional teahouse instead. Which means kimono - and the return of some unpleasant memories for Kaoru. However, the teahouse is a success and Aoi is suddenly the centre of attention, leaving Kaoru on his own to wonder about Aoi's feelings for him.

Meeting up after the festival, the couple realise that their feelings for each other are deepening, and they're almost caught kissing by the others!

Will the gaggle of women now surrounding Kaoru cause problems? Or more importantly, will the couple be able to keep their love secret and avert disaster?