Full metal panic ≫ Full metal panic vol 03 TP

Full metal panic vol 03 TP

Full metal panic vol 03 TP

Full metal panic vol 03 TP

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The popular and pretty Kaname Chidori is back, and just trying to be an ordinary high school student. But Sosuke Sagara, that hard-bodied special agent of Mithril, has gone undercover, posing as Kaname's classmate to protect her from the forces of evil. While Kaname is busy enjoying her academic life, it's been sheer torture for the commando-trained, gun-toting, and all-around butt-kicking Sosuke. But wait! Is there romance in the air?! Is it finally dawning on Kaname that she's attracted to Sosuke? The moment of romantic truth for these two arrives when Tessa, a beautiful and sexy foreign exchange student from America, comes to their school and flashes her winning smile at Sosuke! Now we'll really see Kaname's true feelings for Sosuke!

Experience the whirlwind of Kaname and Sosuke's tumultuous (and hilarious) high school life in Full Metal Panic vol 3!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Section 23
Series Full metal panic
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Action
Product Code PRE-2003122037
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"Full Metal Again!!!" by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Mar 12, 2004

This third instalment again is very very cool!
For the anime-babe lovers: BUY IT AT ONCE, hehe. We get a pin-up miniposter of Kaname in this manga.

The story is again hilarious. This volume is packed with action and will surely make you laugh! Sosuke Sagara, the military boy causes lots of laughs this time (as with the other two). The stories in this book takes part mostly out of the schoolrange. Only in the beginning we get to see the gym.

Again, worth the cheap costs. Treat yourself with something good: buy this volume. You'll be hooked to it before you know it.