Transformers ≫ Super Link Transformer SD-08 Shadowhawk

Super Link Transformer SD-08 Shadowhawk

Super Link Transformer SD-08 Shadowhawk

Super Link Transformer SD-08 Shadowhawk

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Super Links Transformers is the Japanese edition of Transformers Energon (the series that continues Transformers Armada). The Super Links Transformers re-introduces the linking or merging of 2 or more transformers into one bigger Bot (or Con). They're not yet the awesome Gestaults from Generation 1, but at least we do get some Gestault like abilities.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ6010
Customer reviews
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" een van de beste superlinks" by Tom Maassen (België) on Dec 22, 2004

dit is echt een van de beste figuurtjes, goed articuleerbaar, stoer en hij lijkt 90% op de tekenfilmreeks. hij is zeer goed afgewerkt en ziet er zowel als bot en arend zeer goed uit.

hier thuis zit hij als arend op de schouder van mijn optimus/firetruck

echt cool!!!

"Shadowhawk" by Seth (België) on May 18, 2004

'k Had er eerst eentje besteld om wat uit te proberen en ik vond het zo'n cool figuurtje dat ik er meteen een paar bijbesteld heb. In beide modes zijn ze heel cool voor display. 't heeft me ook wat de indruk dat de kleinere energon toys beter zijn dan de grote; tof figuurtje, energon wapen én chip. voor een zeer betaalbare prijs.

"one of energon's best" by R@BID (Nederland) on May 8, 2004

I was really impressed with this little dude!

It has great play value, especially considering the price!
Shadowhawk has a nice hawk mode which harkens back to the old G1 days where all the beast transformers were completely mechanical (as opposed to the beast wars and beast machines designs)

Transformation isn't to hard but is really clever and original!
He has a great robot mode that kinda reminds me of some gundam designs and I can see a little samurai in there aswell =D.

All in all this is one that shouldn't be missed in any transformers collection!!!!!!

"Transformers meet Gundam" by Cyclone_X (Belgium) on Apr 24, 2004

Shadowhawk is one greatly designed TF, both modes look great and have enough points of articulation to pose him in several battle scenes.

You can also let him carry Command Jaguar as seen in the show (this is no official mode, but with a little improvisation you'll manage it :p)

Transformation is not too hard but well thought of, whit his wings becoming legs.

this is one basic figure that shouldnt miss from your collection