Transformers ≫ Super Link Transformer SC-03 Inferno

Super Link Transformer SC-03 Inferno

Super Link Transformer SC-03 Inferno

Super Link Transformer SC-03 Inferno

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Super Links Transformers is the Japanese edition of Transformers Energon (the series that continues Transformers Armada). The Super Links Transformers re-introduces the linking or merging of 2 or more transformers into one bigger Bot (or Con). They're not yet the awesome Gestaults from Generation 1, but at least we do get some Gestault like abilities.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ6003
Customer reviews
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""Leakin' Lubricants!"" by Rhinox (Netherlands) on May 18, 2009

Inferno is a dual-homage to two classic characters.
Inferno, and Ironhide.
The inferno homage is obvious, he's got a watergun showing he's a firetruck. That and uh, well he's even called Inferno.
The Ironhide homage may not show up as easily to those who don't read the comics. He's got a vehicle mode partially based around Ironhide's appearance in the War Within comics.
Like most Energon Autobots, Inferno can turn into either a torso, or a set of legs, to "powerlinx" with any other Autobot capable of this. Both of these modes turned out well with Inferno. His legs mode is bulky enough to support most Powerlinx-torsos, and his Powerlinx torso is essentially his regular torso, with some massive shoulder-cannons to blast 'cons to a messy death.
There's one flaw attached to Inferno, his head is visible in vehicle mode. And while his face is covered up by his ears, this doesn't quite prevent it from becoming obtrusive.
Overall however, Inferno is a good figure, and i'd reccomend picking him up.

"Great remake of original inferno" by John Collins (Germany) on Dec 19, 2008

This is a great homage to the G1 Inferno.
The transformmation is not hard, and i realy like the "super link" feature. I have mine paired with prowl!.
For €11,00 it is also quite good value for money as it is from Takara/japan. I also like the fact it comes in a box and not a blister pack, which is good for storage after playing....transforming it. ; )
The transformation is even similar to G1 inferno......did they ever make a Grapple from this mold?-I hope so!
Definatly recommended!

"Super Link Inferno" by Veli Vidgren (Finland) on Mar 7, 2007

Super link Inferno is a fine remake of the G1 model. Personally, I was wishing for a bit more complex transformation, but the Super link feature more than makes up for it. I also like the gun, especially in the vehicle mode. Recommended for all the fans of anime and those who like the original G1 mold.

"infreno" by silverbolt (UK) on Feb 15, 2007

this transformer is amazing i love the gun it can combinde with some other transformers but the arms fall off easily

"Super Link Inferno" by Seth (België) on May 18, 2004

Als robot ziet Inferno er best goed uit maar de transformatie is te eenvoudig om leuk te zijn. Daarbij komt dan ook nog dat de raketlanceerder voortdurend los komt.

Is Inferno de moeite waard ?
Ja, moest je er max. 18 ¿ voor betalen en moest je er wat Energon chips bijkrijgen. Maar voor deze prijs had ik hem beter laten liggen.