Vampire princess Miyu ≫ Vampire princess Miyu vol 1 DVD PAL

Vampire princess Miyu vol 1 DVD PAL

Vampire princess Miyu vol 1 DVD PAL

Vampire princess Miyu vol 1 DVD PAL

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De mysterieuze Miyu lijkt een jong meisje maar is in werkelijkheid een duizendjarige vampier. Ze probeert de ouderlijke traditie voort te zetten door Japan te verdedigen tegen de invasie van de kwaad-aardige Shinmas. Miyu wordt geconfronteerd met twee wezens die hun slachtoffers beroven van hun ziel. vechtend tegen de krachten van haar vijanden weet zij, door haar scherpzinnigheid en overtuiging, het vertrouwen van een menselijk wezen, Himiko, te winnen.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher A-Video
Series Vampire princess Miyu
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language Dutch
DVD region 2
Product Code AVI-VPMV0001
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"prachtig" by amber (Nederland) on Dec 29, 2005

het is een dvd met mooie muziek en prachtige afbeeldingen. het verhaal is vol spanning en misterie.
een echte aanrader.

"Great artwork and wonderful characters. Great mysterious, tense and angsty atmosphere." by Varyalanis (Netherlands) on Nov 7, 2005

I came across this DVD and decided to buy it because of the nice cover and it was the first anime DVD I ever bought. (You've got to start somewhere haven't you?) And I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised.

I first thought it would be an anime where the vampire would be depicted in the traditional way; pale face, sharp fangs, sunlight causes death etc. However, the story enfolded itself and presented a storyline that was entirely different from what I expected. The title of the DVD is therefore a bit misleading. 'Vampire Princess Miyu' is not about how vampires try and live in this world. It presents a 13-year-old girl, Miyu, who is forced to cast shinma (which roughly translates into 'demon') back into the darkness when they try and live among us humans, bringing chaos and pain. This DVD presents 4 episodes which are viewed through, not Miyu's, but a human Himiko's eyes. Himiko is a psychic or medium and helps people when they have problems with spirits and the likes of them. She encounters Miyu and her faithful servant Larva a few times through the OAV series. Himiko starts a journey and whether she will learn to trust Miyu is not sure.
Each episode is another mystery, and another Shinma to be cast back into the darkness. Every episode starts out with a decription of the situation. Slowly but surely, a plot starts unfolding and Himiko sneaks herself into the story. Eventually Miyu and Larva also join in on the fun. Each episode ends with an incredible development and sometimes causes shock, and other times sadness. Drama in abundance.

The characters are well thought-out, ranging from vampires and Shinma to ignorant humans.
Miyu is wonderful. She is an enigma, a mystery. Her personality seems cold and unfeeling, even with her servant Larva she seems detached. Miyu exudes an aura of unrealism, as she has her own dreamworld and can invite people there. A place where they won't suffer, won't feel pain, but will never live in reality anymore. Miyu's craving for blood, mixed with her guilt and the curse or blessing that is bestowed upon her makes her an complex and interesting character.
Larva, a Western Shinma was once powerful and he craved for power and set out to the Eastern continent, Japan. That is where he met Miyu and was defeated by her. After this he became mute and was forced to always wear a mask. (this is not the case in the newer series, but it is the case in the OAV series) His beauty was ever hidden behind that mask and he now is a servant to Miyu.
The relationship between Miyu and Larva is rather strange. It would be logical for Larva to harbour bitter feelings for Miyu, but he doesn't. He ultimately committed to Miyu and protects her as much as he possibly can. Miyu's feelings are harder to understand. From my point of view, she needs Larva's support, protection and especially experience in fighting other Shinma. She is a vampire stuck in the body of a young girl and might never be able to live out her youth, forever trying to banish all Shinma from the human world. Not forgetting that Larva and her ultimately also are Shinma.

To continue, the music and voice actors fit in with the artwork wonderfully. It completely corresponds with the slightly disturbing feeling you get watching the animation.
The animation, or rather artwork, is baffling. I have seen more recent anime, and the artwork does not come close to the quality of the artwork in the manga. In 'Vampire Princess Miyu' however, the artwork is magnificent and drawn in meticulous detail. The patterns on fabrics, design of kimono's, schooluniforms, intricate forms of a black cloke, exotic mixes of humans and monsters, surges of energy and magic, waving of separate strands of hair, soft colouring, the contrasts between colours and light and dark, great effects with seemingly sparkling light, it is all fantastic! A downside could be, that the DVD is already slightly older. I think it was published in 1989, if i'm not mistaken. But it still does not deminish the effect of hand-painted work and hard labour.

The Dutch subtitle didn't seem too bad. As unfortunate as I am, I cannot understand Japanese. The comment made on Larva being translated into 'Lover' is quite right. Luckily it doesn't deprive one of his enjoyment in watching, at least not in my case.
The extra's are dissapointing. They only provide a little more information on some characters, especially the Shinma.

Everyone who is in for some horror that doesn't have any explicit violence should watch this. It makes you think and explore the characters you see.

*As a tip, I would recommend watching the fourth episode very closely because your attention won't be for nothing.

"Stylish scares and lovely art in one very nice package." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Jan 1, 2004

There¿s a lot to like about this DVD release. In the first place, it collects all four episodes of a very well-made OAV series on one disc. Besides that, this edition is a cut above A-films rather sloppy Dutch-released anime DVD¿s of the past.

There may not be an overwhelming amount of extras to feast on, but the four OAV episodes are presented with pleasingly crisp picture quality and finally some genuine subtitles. In the past, A-film often opted for so-called dubtitles to accompany their Japanese language-only DVD releases. In other words, a Dutch subtitle track of an English dub of the same film was ripped and dropped onto the Japanese audio track, often with terribly messy results (since the Dutch subtitles didn¿t translate the on-screen dialogue at all, but the audio from a dub that often wasn¿t even available on the disc to begin with, which led to glaring inconsistencies). Thank heavens, Vampire Princess Miyu is presented in Japanese with optional Dutch subtitles that have apparently been written from scratch for this disc. It's a big improvement over their previous releases, and a pleasant surprise when one considers that earlier DVD editions of these OAVs on the European market did take the easy way out and slapped on some dubtitles for a subtitle track.
The Dutch subtitles have a few flaws of their own; Larva¿s name is misspelled as `Lover¿, and the Shinma are referred to with the rather uninspired term `demons¿. A little background research could¿ve easily prevented these little errors (though I must admit that Larva¿s name is pronounced in a way that doesn¿t make it sound a lot like `Larva¿), but they¿re forgiveable minor errors. And I¿m infinitely grateful for a real, proper translation that makes a few understandable, minor mistakes instead of the non-translation riddled with glaring errors that A-film¿s nasty old dubtitle tracks provided. Here¿s hoping they stick with subtitles like these.

As for the content of this DVD, the four episodes form an enjoyable, beautifully-made little slice of animation. Through four standalone stories, we get a glimpse of Miyu, a vampire with a difference. A young medium named Himiko encounters Miyu on several occasions. Although she¿s hostile towards this suspicious character at first, she gradually learns about Miyu¿s true nature and her tortured existence as she has to cope with both her vampire blood and the heavy burden of hunting down the Shinma ¿ monsters who prey on humans in fragile mental conditions and try to drag their victims to their doom with tempting illusions.
Each episode has a multi-layered, gradually unfolding plot. The plot usually focuses on slowly revealing the trauma that made a victim suitable Shinma-bait in the first place while mixing in some interaction between Miyu and Himiko to culminate it all in a brief but intense battle against a Shinma. It¿s impressive just how much is packed into the plot of each episode and how tightly it¿s all paced; revelations are gradually given until it all clicks into place and the full, often tragic and thought-provoking truth bursts out.

There are only few genuinely terrifying moments throughout the series, even if it¿s labeled as horror. It fits more into the tragic and angsty category, as both Miyu and the Shinma-victims are explored in their plight. Thankfully, it¿s always tastefully done and never veers into overbearing whining. In fact, a lot of the characters are genuinely gripping in their plight (I felt really sorry for the poor lost soul in the fourth episode), rendered more intense by some subtly creepy moments here and there. The atmosphere that drips from these episodes and the involving, labyrinthine plots should keep any viewer with a taste for more cerebral anime interested throughout.
Just don¿t expect any classic vampire stuff such as ancient Transsylvanian castles or stakes through the heart. Immortality and the need to drink blood are the only typical vampire characteristics that Miyu displays, and even those are handled with a fresh, interesting new twist. It¿s a very different kind of vampire fiction than what you may be used to, and all the more involving and refreshing for it.
Lovely, detailed and elegant art forms the icing on the cake. It¿s very impressive how much detail has been packed into the elaborate kimonos that Miyu wears considering the hard labour that traditional hand-painted celluloid animation requires. I also particularly care for little things in the character design such as the thin strands of hair and the sensual mouths, or the striking use of color and the impressive display of Miyu and Larva¿s powers during the battle scenes. Just like the storytelling, the art in these OAVs is graceful, stylish and very well-crafted. As an added plus, fans of the manga will also appreciate how well it renders Narumi Kakinouchi¿s original style.

Finally, what makes this DVD edition is a very attractive purchase to those who can read Dutch is the fact that all four episodes are collected on one disc, whereas previous versions usually spread the episodes over two discs/tapes. This very strong series on a single, rather well-made disc is a great buy for anyone who doesn¿t mind more thoughtful, slow-paced anime.