Saint Seiya ≫ HG Capsule toys Series Knight of the zodiac / Saint Seiya Special

HG Capsule toys Series Knight of the zodiac / Saint Seiya Special

HG Capsule toys Series Knight of the zodiac / Saint Seiya Special

HG Capsule toys Series Knight of the zodiac / Saint Seiya Special

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This is a new release of Saint Seiya capsule toys. There is a total of 12 different figures to collect.

The preorder deadline for this item is November 5th. Any order placed after this date may not fill

Please note: all capsule toys are sold at random. When you order this product you will receive one capsule with one radom figure inside. We can unfortunately not takeany special requests for a specific figure.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Merchandise
Publisher Bandai
Series Saint Seiya
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code BAN-SSAZ0037
Customer reviews
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"Gashapon the way it ought to be." by V. Kr├Ątke (Netherlands) on Mar 1, 2005

This is an excellent set of figures of you're a long-time Saint Seiya fan. The twelve figures will look pretty samey to the casual observer - after all, it *is* basically a bunch of men with long hair in golden armour. But anyone who remembers watching Saint Seiya in the 80's could do far worse than to pick up a few of these.
Note that this isn't an all-new set of gashapon figures. These figures have all been included in previous gashapon sets which usually featured three or four Gold Saints along with a few Bronze Saints. This set merely lumps the Gold Saint figures from all previous gashapon releases together. The charismatic Gold Saints were *always* the coolest characters on the show, though. No doubt Saint Seiya fans'll be overjoyed at the chance to own exquisite little models of every single one of them.
I picked up the Gemini Saga and Scorpio Milo figures from a store that had most of the figures in stock (they've always been my favorites as a pretty casual Saint Seiya fan) and they're gorgeous. Every little detail on the elaborate armor is rendered spot on, right down to that cool dangling tail on Scorpio's headpiece (Saga's chunky helmet fits under his arm, which is a wise decision as he looks much better sans helmet). The paint job is clean and vivid and their faces look very good. These are some quality collectibles. The figures are sold at random here, so picking favorites is not an option. The whole set is lavishly made though, and at this low price it can't hurt to take a chance on a few of these, especially if you've always loved the Gold Saints.

"schönes Set" by mondkind (Deutschland) on Aug 9, 2004

Die Figuren sind von guter Qualität, wie man es von Bandai kennt und toll ist, dass das Set aus 12 Figuren besteht. Für Saint Seiya Fans natürlich ein Muss!