Onegai Teacher ≫ Onegai teacher 16 cm PVC figure

Onegai teacher 16 cm PVC figure

Onegai teacher 16 cm PVC figure

Onegai teacher 16 cm PVC figure

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Imported from Japan! Mizuho is a resident observer of the Galaxy Federation, who came to Earth to find out more about her departed human father who only left her a single box of Pochy candy to remember him by. As the new teacher and "wife" of Kei Kusanagi, Mizuho must trust Kei with her secret identity. But can this relationship work with Mizuho's sexy mother flirting with Kei, younger sister Maho's blatant disapproval, and Koishi's obvious crush on Kei? Here's Mizuho in a tantalizing bikini, now yours to display as a top-shelf PVC statue. Approximately 4" tall, she's painted and ready to display!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department toys and models / Merchandise
Publisher Yamato
Series Onegai Teacher
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code YAM-OTEZ0001
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"Mizuho Kazami gets my Vote!" by Pochacco (UK) on Feb 15, 2004

This PVC model comes packaged in a nice window box showing off Mizuho in all her splendor in her two-piece swimming costume.

The figure is wonderfully crafted and the paintwork very good. Well worth owning if the larger cold cast resin model is a bit out of your budget! Also this sculpt looks a lot better in my opinion over the resin one.

Well worth the purchase for any fan of Onegai/Please Teacher! Her longing gaze will certainly entrap you into buying her even if my review can't convince you to! :)