Parasyte ≫ Kiseiju tome 05

Kiseiju tome 05

Kiseiju tome 05

Kiseiju tome 05

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De mystérieuses sphères abritant des parasites se répandent un peu partout sur Terre. Rapidement, les entités prennent possession de certains habitants. Nul ne sait d'où elles viennent, mais elles sont là pour débarrasser le monde de l'espèce humaine. Shinichi, jeune lycéen, est un « hôte » dont le cerveau a miraculeusement été épargné : Migi, son parasite, a pris possession de son bras droit ! Les deux êtres vont apprendre chacun l'un de l'autre. Alors que Shinichi se découvre doté d'incroyables facultés physiques, il prend aussi conscience de la menace qui plane sur ses proches... et sur l'humanité tout entière.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Glenat
Series Parasyte
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language French
Genre Science Fiction , Horror
Product Code GLE-PYTT0005
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"When aliens get organised." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Jun 7, 2007

Volume 5 marks the halfway point for Parasite. As it turns out, even an excellent horror title like Parasite needs to step on the brakes from time to time. Compared to the visceral action of previous volumes, the events in the fifth book seem slower, quieter.

The Parasites are definitely up to something, though. A small group of Parasites seems to've gotten organised, and they're planning something far more sinister than the rather scattershot invasion that has been going on so far. One of them is even running for mayor, much to Shin'ichi's distress. But he already has his hands full trying to keep Kana, the girl with latent psychic abilites, from endangering herself. She's eager to experiment with her ability to sense something 'different' in people, unaware of the gruesome threat that the Parasites pose, and reluctant to believe Shin's vague warnings. Can Shin prevent her from running into a messy tragedy? And just what is the ever-creepy Yoko Tamiya planning with, of all things, a human infant?

Volume five raises more questions than it provides
answers. It feels like a lull in the action, but I'm hoping this will prove to've been a build-up to something far bigger. Which is both exciting and frustrating. Something big is clearly in the works, but by the end of this volume, you're left wanting more and not entirely happy about it. The Kana subplot isn't quite satisfying enough on its own to give readers their fix. Do yourself a favor and buy several volumes at once.