Digi-charat ≫ Digi Charat Theater vol 02 GN

Digi Charat Theater vol 02 GN

Digi Charat Theater vol 02 GN

Digi Charat Theater vol 02 GN

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Piyoko is number one!

Move over, Di Gi Charat! The cutest villian has landed on Planet Earth!

Pyocola Analogue III - Piyoko for short. She's eight years old, and already the leader of the evil organization known as the Black Gema Gema Gang. Her mission: to kidnap Princess Di Gi Charat and hold her ransom to save her home, Planet Analogue.

Piyoko must face Princess Di Gi Charat, who turns out to be even more evil than the Black Gema Gema Gang. Also, she needs to figure out a way to survive in one of the costliest cities in Japan!

Take a peak into their daily lives to find out why the Black Gema Gema Gang all agree...Piyoko is number one!<UL><LI>Thirteen stories about Piyoko and her adventures by some of Japan's most talented artists, including original character designer Koge-Donbo!<LI>Bonus Gema Gema comics by Koge-Donbo<LI>Character profiles<LI>Character sketches<LI>Translation notes<LI>History of the Black Gema Gema Gang</UL>

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Brocolli
Series Digi-charat
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Comedy , Science Fiction
Product Code PRE-2003092143
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Customer reviews
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"so süß" by pyoko (Österreich) on Mar 30, 2008

Wirklich total niedlich und witzig!
Auch die Stories die nicht von Koge Donbo gezeichnet wurden sind hübsch gezeichnet.
"Be evil, be cute, be strong"- Go for it Pyoko-chan