Those Who Hunt Elves ≫ Those who hunt elves vol 01 TP

Those who hunt elves vol 01 TP

Those who hunt elves vol 01 TP

Those who hunt elves vol 01 TP

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Elf stripping, but for all the right reasons!

An actress, a martial arts expert and a military specialist are magically transported to a strange land. Filled with magic and mystery. Obviously, they have to get back to Japan, but how can they when the return spell has been cut to pieces and tattooed on the bodies of six female elves?Even with a battle tank for transportation, Airi, Junpei and Ritsuko clearly have their work cut out for them - there are lots of female elves out there, and they're going to have to start stripping!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Section 23
Series Those Who Hunt Elves
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Product Code PRE-2003102010
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"Ready, set.........." by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Feb 20, 2004

This first manga of Those Who Hunt Elves is super!!!!
This covers the same ground as the anime, but has a few differences. For instance, this manga starts with the story of episode 2 of the first series. Also, there are a few changes in the story.
One of the best chapters in my opinion is "The man who is after Airi". This guy has "The book of seduction" and seems to get all the girls to fall in love with him (and his agenda fully loaded with dates).

Follow the story of Airi (The Oscar winning actress), Junpei (The martial arts specialist >>>my favorite character<<<) and Ritsuko (the weapon specialist) in the hunt for the lost parts of the spell that can bring them back to Japan!!!

I really loved reading this and can't wait to get part 2!!!