Kimagure orange road ≫ Kimagura Orange Road Le Roman vol 01

Kimagura Orange Road Le Roman vol 01

Kimagura Orange Road Le Roman vol 01

Kimagura Orange Road Le Roman vol 01

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Le petit monde de Kimagure Orange Road - Max et Compagnie, quelques années plus tard, dans leur vie d'adulte. Que sont devenus Kyosuke (Max), Madoka (Sabrina) et les autres?

Au travers de trois romans inédits, vous découvrirez la suite du manga et du film qui clôturait cette saga.

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / Novel
Publisher Tonkam
Series Kimagure orange road
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Primary language French
Product Code FB_9782845804043
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"Some okay light reading." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Sep 5, 2005

This novel -almost a novella- clocks in at about 190 pages. This includes a short introduction to the Orange Road characters, a few comic strip pages, several full-page black and white illustrations and some pages worth of comments from the novel and the manga's authors. Strip all of that away, and you're left with little over 150 pages of full text. And even then every second page features a picture of leg warmer- clad calves in the bottom-left corner. I think you see what I'm getting at; this is no Tolstoi or anything of that caliber. It is, however, a perfectly harmless fluffy read with a few genuinely sweet moments. But how much you will enjoy this novel strongly depends on how much of an Orange Road fan you are. You need to have some prior emotional investment in the Orange Road gang for this story to carry any weight at all. Without any context, it is possible to follow this story, but difficult to feel any kind of involvement in the novel's events.

If you've reached that stage in life where reading books without pictures has become a common occurrence, you will most likely have read far more complex and compelling novels than this. The first Orange Road novel is a short bit of fluff that can easily be read through in less than a day. The prose is hardly astounding and the illustrations, for all the space they take up in the book, aren't exactly breathtaking either. It's a nice collection piece for fans of the series, though, and will most likely provide them with a fairly enjoyable read.