Gunslinger girl ≫ Gunslinger girl vol 01 GN

Gunslinger girl vol 01 GN

Gunslinger girl vol 01 GN

Gunslinger girl vol 01 GN

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Innocence Lost ...

Henrietta barely survived a brutal attack that killed her family."Rescued" by the Social Welfare Agency, her injuries were repaired withrobotic components and she was brainwashed-lost with the memory of herfamily's death was almost every trace of her own humanity. Today she is anextraordinarily lethal cyborg assassin, obediently working with her handlerGiuseppe to carry out her deadly tasks.Despite her conditioning and programming, Henrietta still has the heart of ayoung girl; she has not completely forgotten how to love. Yet the veryemotion is contrary to her training and programming.Can the Gunslinger Girl survive? Can she find peace in a struggle againsther very nature?

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Section 23
Series Gunslinger girl
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Primary language English
Genre Drama , Science Fiction , Action , Girls with guns
Product Code PRE-2003102007
Customer reviews
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"I love Gunslinger Girl" by Sunabozu (Portugal) on Apr 29, 2009

I watched the anime, and it's fantastic. Can't wait for watching the 2nd season (Teatrino).

As for the manga, I think it's also great (I just took a look at the sooooo beautiful art). I cannot buy vol1 anymore (I am so sad). Worst yet, what the hell is ADV doing? Will ADV ever launch volume 7???? I wish i knew French, because the 10th volume is coming out soon (better yet, I want to learn Japanese!). I am soooooo sad and mad, ADV is not giving this series what it really deserves.

"Great." by TimW (Netherlands) on Jan 10, 2008

Bought Gunslinger Girl because i thought it would be an interesting story, i mean little girls with guns. Who would not find that interesting. I finished reading it today and I'm going to buy the 2nd volume soon! it has a great story and art.

"Mooie intro voor de rest van de serie" by Lee (Nederland) on Aug 27, 2007

Kleine meisjes van een jaar of 15 die zware met ongelukken in het ziekenhuis beland waren en door een sociaal opvangtehuis verzorgd worden.
Maar het lijkt natuurlijk niet zoals het is.
Ze worden bijna volledig 'gebrainwashed' en samen met hun begeleider worden het vechtmachines die met zwaar geschut om leren te gaan en bijna niet te doden zijn door hun aanpassingen.
Het zijn echte cyborgs en beschermen hun begeleider door zwaar geschut en met behulp van de aanpassingen die ze kregen.
Maar behalve echte cyborgs blijkt langzaam aan dat het ook nog steeds echte meisjes zijn...
Langzaam merk je in deze manga dat het behalve erg vette guns niet alleen stoer geknal is, zeker op het einde heb je echt een reden om dit verhaal uit te gaan lezen ;)

"cool as hell" by Debbeh!! (Netherlands) on Apr 6, 2007

It rocks! I mean come on, girls with guns ;) The story is very worth reading, so read it already!

"Woow!" by Leolise (Netherlands) on Apr 29, 2006

This manga is really great but some eyes are missing!=O Besides that, this is very worth reading! Absolutely!=) Especially if you like guns and stuff! I think the character Henrietta is my favourite, because she is the most normal of the group! The others characters are more complicated, but it's fun to read=)

"Excellent series - well worth the purchase" by Pixy Dave (UK) on Jan 13, 2004

Think "girls with guns" - except this time we do mean girls (Triella - the eldest of the group looks about 15) ! The characters engage you're interest: Henrietta is fairly normal (for an assassin), Triella is hitting puberty with the problems that involves, but Rico is probably the most frightening character in the series - a cute girl, full of life and totally programmed to complete her mission.

Like Noir this series works on more than one level. Plenty of action to keep the gun bunnies happy, but also the insights into the girls and their relationships with their handlers will provoke serious thought.

Art style is pleasing to the eye. Crisp styling with good attention to detail without the frames or pages feeling "cluttered"