Hellsing ≫ Hellsing vol 01 TP

Hellsing vol 01 TP

Hellsing vol 01 TP

Hellsing vol 01 TP

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There's a secret organization somewhere in England created to defend the Queen and country from monsters of all sorts. Enter Hellsing, an agency, long in tooth, with the experience, know-how, and... er ...equipment to handle the problems that arise when vampires, ghouls, and the like clamber from the darkness. What equipment? you may say. How about another vampire, souped up by generations of study and refinement, armed with a big pistol loaded with special silver bullets? That oughta do the trick. But what really knocks 'em dead is the sharp wit, awesome artwork, and crazy, bloody action that make up the manga. Hellsing, the long-awaited gothic graphic that spawned the popular anime is finally here, and you're gonna love it. The night is dark, but at least those creepy anti-heroes from Hellsing can make light of it.

Full of clever, modern dialogue, bloody action, and dark comedy, Hellsing has quickly crept into otaku hearts across the world. Check out the manga that created the darkly popular animated series.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Dark horse
Series Hellsing
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Action , Supernatural
DC Previews 2009 SEP
Product Code DCSTK409069
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Customer reviews
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"must have" by symen papadopoulos (Belgium) on Mar 11, 2012

heel goede manga het verhaal kon een beetje beter maar
alucard maakt het goed

"good :) if you like vampire nazis xD" by ElenoreLoretje (Belgium) on Apr 9, 2009

Gotta tell ya, this manga really crosses the line sometimes xD.....new generation nazis....(and then they say it's not based on reality o_o) but it's a good manga, different from what i thought it would be like.....then again:p what was i thinking ;)
read this one and if you like it, you'll like the other ones as well....allthough it kinda had me annoyed at volume 5....but that's probably just me xD haha


"Awesome!" by Reiska (Finland) on Nov 30, 2008

If you liked the anime, don't hold yourself back in buying the manga. Fast-paced and interesting plot. Lots of violence and blood. In other words, great!

"It's bloody fun" by Myrthe Duin (Nederland) on Jun 11, 2008

Well, I guess the other reviews said it already; but I'll give this a shot anyway.

This is one of the most gory, bloody and intestines-flying-around-in-every-panel manga I have ever read. Yes, it's that damn good. This manga has enough action and gun-pulling to last you a life-time. Though some of the characters could be more developed (most of the time they're dead before the get the chance to tell something about themselves) and the art is something you'll just have to like, 'Hellsing' is a cool manga with cool vampires, bloodthirsty nazi's and trigger-happy protestants that should be one the bookshelf of every horror-fanatic.

"Great horror" by Levi Blokdijk (Nederland) on Apr 5, 2008

After reading the first volume I just went ahead and bought them all and it was worth it. The artwork really is new and fresh and looks so good. The use of darkness really adds to the horroc effect of the manga.

Apart from the art the story won't dissapoint you either. It really is strange but good. Characters could have been a bit more expanded but I guess that the horror makes up for that.

Only thing that dissapoints me is that the artist takes his time bringing out the books. Other than that they're great. Five stars.

"fabulisius" by okami (Nederland) on Aug 19, 2007

you'll fall in love with this manga,and it only gets better in the next volumes,altrouh the art can be a bit rough since the artist did wichever he wanted to,its a real adviser for those who enyoy bloody action,dark humor and a invincible,sacastic,and enslaved vampire in the leading role.4 stars couz of the sometimes bit funky art.

"Hellsing manga" by WitchAlchemist (Nederland) on Jul 6, 2007

De anime is al zo goed. Maar de manga is zeker de overtreffende trap van de anime!

"super" by joep meloen (Nederland) on Apr 1, 2007

Dit is een puike anime en iedereen zou hem gezien moeten hebben.

"Mildly entertaining but pointless action manga." by Villain (Finland) on Mar 11, 2007

There is one thing that sets Hellsing apart from all the worthless action-comics around: Alucard, the main character, is the epitome of "cool". In his outstanding red costume and stylish sunglasses, with the massive gun in his hand and the devious grin on his lips, Alucard looks as cool as any badass character ever drawn.

Too bad that's the only really positive thing in Hellsing. The plot is beyond shallow, the characters are horribly clicheed and the artwork is mediocre at best. It is not that Hirano can't draw, but rather that he chooses to draw in a very exaggerated, sometimes downright ugly style. He also has serious difficulties with basic human anatomy.

Hellsing is about vampires killing vampires with a bit of religious stuff and plenty of crappy humor thrown in. It is violent enough to be labeled "not suitable for children", but the actual content is too childish to be labeled "mature". As such, Hellsing is aimed at teenagers thirsting for simple violent entertainment - and it does well in that. However, if you are seeking a strong, mature story - don't bother with Hellsing.

The Dark Horse release is of good quality with Duane Johnson's accurate translations, even though Father Anderson's dialect is a bit too much for my tastes.

"awesome" by darkwarrior (Netherlands) on Nov 6, 2006

I really like this manga because it is drawn in a style I like really much, also the story is about vampires (I luv vampires XD) and it's filled with action. Of course, this manga is pretty bloody, so all people who can't stand blood just shouldn't read it.

"Vampire manga to the max." by N. (Nederland) on May 1, 2005

The first volume of one of the coolest action/horror manga. It has kickass characters and the action scenes are very well portrayed.
I even like it more than the anime, because the manga delves more into the plot and has some more characters.
The stylish art, entertaining plot and just overall kickassness make this a must read.

"Fantastic" by Saskia Otten (Nederland) on Dec 7, 2004

This is a great manga, you should buy it if you love bloody violence and a splendid plot!