Transformers ≫ Transformers Micromaster part 6 Landcross gestault

Transformers Micromaster part 6 Landcross gestault

Transformers Micromaster part 6 Landcross gestault

Transformers Micromaster part 6 Landcross gestault

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The sixth in the popular Micromaster re-issue line is the mighty Micromaster gestault Landcross. Landcross is composed of six Micromasters which can together combine into Landcross or they can form smaller robots by combining only 2 Micromasters. Each Micromaster can form the leggs or the upper part of the smaller robot, allowing a wide selection of possible combinations. Highly recommended.

When you order this figure you will receive 12 Micromasters which can combine into 2 landcross gestaults.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ0018
Customer reviews
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"Combination fest!" by Thomas Hamann (Netherlands) on Apr 24, 2005

First, although the Landcross robots are called (DX) Micromasters on the box, they're no Micromasters. Each of the individual bots is about the size of a Transformers Generation 1 combiner limb, about twice as big as a Micromaster. Each bot comes with weapons and combiner parts, and changes into a kick-ass vehicle.

One of the coolest things about the Landcross bots is that, next to combining into one large robot, each robot can combine with any of the other robots, forming a smaller combined mode. If you have doubles of each bot, they even can combine with themselves. You can make over 30 combinations.
The large combined mode is pretty good (and stands about 25 cm tall), but the smaller combined modes are cooler.

These sets come in boxes of 12 robots, of which 1-3 bots are limited black recolors of the normal versions. So if you're lucky, you can get a whole black Landcross with two whole boxes of 12 Landcross bots!

"one of the best toys on the market" by mastasini (Belgium) on Mar 8, 2005

For transformers fans this is one toy to have!!
first, for the price you have two sets of landcross.
in my set of 12 bots I found 3 shadow bots
those black colours, with orange eyes are (contrary to the black sixturbo released in Japan) well chosen, and give an air of power...

secondly dash, tackle, mach, winger and webber ( sorry I forgot the name of the 6th transformer) are much bigger then any micromaster. nowadays you'll pay more then 75 euro for any gestalt on the net (bruticus for example will go around 75 euro). And here you have 2 gestalts for 1/3 of that price, remember that they are original Takara and will certainly be collectors items

thirdly the gestalt has some major assets:
the 6 weapons can also combine to 1 weapon
there are 36 transformation capabilities (can you beat that sixchanger?).

definetly must buy item

"wow, great toy" by Foximus Prime (Netherlands) on Aug 23, 2004

This micromaster is just so beautifull , I recommend this one to every transformer fan who doesnt have the original gestaults but does want one. well this gestault is well worth the money, you even get two for the price of one, you cant go wrong with this one.

"Micromaster? Macromaster!" by Seth (Belgi├ź) on Mar 20, 2004

Landcross is a great combiner! But when I opened the boxes I noticed one thing, they're big. Too big to be called Micromasters. IMO not a problem 'cause I like all G1 Transformers but if you're a real Micromaster fan, than you should know that Landcross has about the same size as a original G1 Bruticus or Defensor.
Anyway you're gonna love these guys (you get 2 of them) especially if you like TF Energon toys 'cause the little fellas "superlink" with each other.