Berserk ≫ Berserk TV Season 1 Complete collection DVD set

Berserk TV Season 1 Complete collection DVD set

Berserk TV Season 1 Complete collection DVD set

Berserk TV Season 1 Complete collection DVD set

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Is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or laws? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least man has no control, even over his own will.This boxed set collects all 25 episodes of the acclaimed Berserk series. Approximate running time: 650 minutes.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher Anime works
Series Berserk
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Genre Fantasy , Horror , Action
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2003093768
Customer reviews
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"One of the greatest anime series I've ever seen..." by Mekkio (Nederland) on Nov 24, 2004

I have to agree with pretty much everything that's said in the previous review about the series and the box. So, my appologies in advance, but this review will look a bit the same as the previous one, since that one's very complete. But I still want to share my own experience with all of you.

The box looks really great and you can definately tell that a lot of effort has been put into it to make it look this good. You can buy a lot of DVD boxed sets (which I have), but some just look like crap. This one most definately isn't crap. It's far from that!

The series is very complicated to explain. I've lso tried to explain it to a few friends of mine and I've also spent hours trying to explain the series and I've never been able to fully explain what the series is all about and what it's like to watch it. You just have to see it for yourself if you want to know. It can't be explained.

There's 1 point, though, on which I have to disagree with the review from Belgium, and that's the point he makes about the image quality. I've seen all the DVD's and I don't see any of the dots and grains he talks about, so I guess he's right about it being a "local" problem. I think it does kinda depend on what kind of DVD ROM you have, cause mine doesn't give a single problem. So, I'd have to say the image quality is excellent. I've seen a few other series where the image quality wasn't as good as the quality Berserk offers you, so I'm really pleased about the great result.

The audio is really amazing. You really can hear every footstep the characters make and it really does sound authentic, where-ever they walk. You can also clearly hear the difference when they walk and talk in the open landscape, or in the woods, or in a castle. The sound that comes out of your speakers is so authentic, it almost seems as if you were there yourself and videotaped the whole thing. Again, I have to agree with the other review. The audio is amazing!

On to the music... There's not much music in the series, to be honest. And that makes it very special, cause (like the other review stated) when you do hear music, you know there's something important going on. Only with important conversations or battles or other moments in the series, will you hear music. And yes, it's true it doesn't overrule the rest of the moment. It's not like the music will come up and you'll not be able to follow the conversation anymore. The volume of the music is just right.
I can remember how, for instance, Dragon Ball Z has a lot of music. As a matter of fact, it has music practically the whole time, so when you see a fight or something without music, it's really strange. And the music sometimes overrules the rest of the moment. This NEVER happens in Berserk! So, you can really pay attention to what's being said and to the little things you might overlook when there's too much music and your more into the music with your mind then into the series. Because they left out the music in most of the series, you can really live with the characters, live into the series and you may even feel as if your part of the series. As if your present there. Cause in real life, you don't have any background music either.
It's kinda hard to explain what I mean, so I hope that the real fans among you, will understand what I mean :-)

I could also talk about the extra's and stuff that come with the box, but the other review already has everything explained in it you need to know. So I'm just gonna leave that part out and round things up here. I hope this review takes away some of your doubts about the other review, cause almost everything that is said, is true. Cept for the image quality. That really depends on you computer (if you're gonna watch it on your computer, that is), as said before.
I can really recommand this series AND this box to anyone that likes the Action/Heroic/Horror/etc. style of anime. I've bought this box and it's the pride of my collection. That's how proud I am to be able to say that I have this DVD boxset. It looks great and the series really rocks, so, stop hesitating and buy this DVD boxset as soon as possible! It's worth every penny you spend on it!!!

"One of the best anime shows of all time. Definitely...." by Winkelkar (Belgium) on Jan 12, 2004

it's very hard to place Berserk in a category. You could place it in Fantasy/Action/Horror/etc. but the way the characters have relationships with eachother isn't that easy to place in a certain category because it's way mroe than just the simple terms of love/friendship/hatred/passion/jealousy/intrigue/destiny/.... Berserk is a very unique work on it's own that has to be watched to get the full experience. I tried explanaining to my friend what Berserk was all about but I ended up giving him an explanation of around 2 hours. And even so I'm obsessed with this masterpiece I couldn't give him the thrill I have when I watch or read about Berserk. Berserk is really a unique rollercoaster with alot of character development and an interesting plot that just SCREAMS for more!!!!!!!

The box:
All I can say is waw...... This is really a collectors box. The materail is all carton and on the front is a glosy picture of the Crimson Behelit from Griffisu. Same with the name of the show in English and Japanese. On the side it features a very kewl picture of Gatts while he is killing someone (not with his Dragon Slayer...yet). The back features the text that appears on screen in the first episode and it's also the same text the narrator says in the rest of the beginning of the eps.

The box slides open to the side and the revealing the 6 DVD's in the inside. The DVD's are all incased in their original package as seen to be able to be bought separately. The left inside of the box has a pic of Griffisu and Gatts before the events in the Great Eclipse. The middle of the box has a pic of Caska and Gatts kissing tender. The right side of the box ahs a picture of Griffisu when he is being tortured with a worried Caska on the background. A very neat box in which obviously has been put alot of effort into it. Although I advice to handle it with care because there are some flaps or sides which may tear of easily.

The DVD cases:

The titles of the 6 DVD's are:

- War Cry: episodes 1- 5
- Immortal Soldier: episodes 6-9
- White Hawk: episodes 10-13
- Devil's Advocate: epsiodes 14-17
- Requited Desires: episodes 18 21
- God's Hand: episodes 22-25

I'll mention the extra's per disc separately later on. The cases are a real beauty. All in a very stylish red-black colour scheme. With nice artwork on it and pieces of screenshots on the back with a general explanation in the middle. Also below are the special features mentioned.

The content:

Image quality:
This is a very discussable issue. Why? Well the picture quality is fairly good but it has alot of grain and dots on it. The colours are vibrant and lively with good variety to the background and characters. It could have been alot better nonethless and especially since it's not an old anime anyway! But I think they kept this rawness to add to the atmosphere. To really make the suffering and violence come out better. Also, when playing the eps, everytime a new frame comes on screen you can see some white, thick and rough lines at the botom and top of the screen. Very annoying at first but you get used to it really fast. But again this is discussable because on my Sony DVD rom I had it and my friend has a Philips DVD rom and it didn't show up at all plus the picture quality was a hell of a lot better!!!!! So this seriously depends on what hardware you have. A real let down.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.... Every footstep whether it's on cobblestones, sand, mudd, water, etc. sounds authentic and genuine. Same with the sounds of the armor and the swords. Everything has real sounding sounds that add to the "realism". They also make good use of ambient sound effects for example when the scenes go over into manga-style still frames. They then use mostly exaggerated sound effects for the clashing of the swords but it pounds through your speakers and that's what matters!!!

The voice acting acting is really good but the English dub is horrible..... For as far as I'm concerned they could've left the english track out and spend more space on picture quality as mentioned before. So I'll leave it with that.

The Music:
OMFG..... The soundstrack is one of the best ones I've ever heard!!!! Gatts them and Forces are undoubtly two of the most beautiful orchestrated pieces ever!!!! There's only music on the important moments like the battles or important conversations. This was quite a relief so you could pay more attention to other things or other conversations because when a tune came you knew it was going to be emotional or an important conversations which only makes it more special.
What I also liked was that everything was at the right volume. The music never gets in the way of the sound effects or the music or so. And every sound is carefully put in at the right moment.


- Disc 1:
* Outtakes: humorous bloopers of the english cast. This is actually worth watching!
* Production sketches: some early (or final) designs for the artwork in the show as well as for the characters as for thigns like clothes etc.
* Art gallery: Stunning pictures from Berserk in manga Style.
* Scene acces
* Interactive menu's: the menu's have the tree where Gatts' mother was hung and where he was foudn by Gambino as background with the tune of the Behelit playing in the background.

- Disc 2:
* Outtakes: see first DVD
* Production sketches: see first DVD
* Textless opening: the opening without credits
* Art gallery: see first DVD
* Scene acces
* Interactive menu's: see first DVD

- Disc 3:
* Outtakes: see first DVD
* Production sketches: see first DVD
* Textless closing: same as textless opening but then the closing of course.
* Storyboards: the storyboards of the eps
* Original tv opening: the original opening with slightly different images like the famous tree.
* Storyboards: see above
* Scene acces
* Interactive menu's: see first DVD

- Disc 4
* Prodcution sketches: see first DVD
* Interview with Kentaro Miura: interview with the man who made the fantastic manga series. Unfortunately it's only audio because they saw the man didn't want to be shown. Too bad but nonetheless very very interesting! You'll hear some interesting stuff. Like the unintended relation of his character (Gatts) with a German soldier also from the Medieval days and others...
* Outtakes: see first DVD
* Scene acces
* Interactive menu's: see first DVD

- Disc 5:
* Video Interview with Producer Toshio Nakatani: this time someone actually comes onto screen. Interiew with the producer of the animated TV show which we all love!
* Outtakes: see first DVD
* Scene acces
* interactive menu's: see first DVD

- Disc 6:
* TV spot: a short commercial for Berserk. Very abstract and very unclear but it'll arose some curiosity for the show nonetheless.
* Forces Full Version: Finally the full version of the song "Forces" on opt of scenes from Berserk. Very nice and very enjoyable.
* Paint it Berserk: A really really kewl approx 3 and a half minute clip of people who are painting Berserk artwork on walls in the suburb area of Japan I think.
* Outtakes: see first DVD
* TV opening encore version: Not quite sure but I think it is somewhat the same as the original tv opening but if I recall correctly it's a little longer.
* Scene acces
* Interactive menu's: see first DVD

Also all the DVD's have some trailers of dubbed anime shows a nice extra feature.

So that's it. As a final conclusion and to summarize it all up I can say this release is worth gold! Excellent package in which alot of effort has been put into. Same with the DVD cases. Too bad about the image quality.... Great sound etc.

I can go on with explaining what happens in each episode but liek I said earlier it's impossible to give a correct view on the show. So just watch it and you wo'nt be disappointed! I guaranteee you that!