Series not available ≫ The legend of Zelda Capsule toys

The legend of Zelda Capsule toys

The legend of Zelda Capsule toys

The legend of Zelda Capsule toys

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A very nice Zelda release from Yujin. There are 4 different characters to collect in this series. Each figure is posable and features a couple of accesories.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Merchandise
Publisher Yujin
Series Series not available
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code YUJ-ZELZ0001
Customer reviews
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"Can't hurt to pick up a few of these." by V. Kr├Ątke (Netherlands) on Apr 1, 2004

There are five figures in this set, each of them pretty nicely made. Each figure has a somewhat blocky, Kubrick-style body, but I hardly noticed this at first. Since the characters all have a highly stylised, cartoony look in the game, the Kubrick-style bodies work fairly well to bring these simple character designs to life in three dimensions. Besides, it's the big head that really dominates each little figure.

There's a little twist in the heads - if you turn a figure's head, its eyes move. Turn a figure's head sideways to the left, for example, and its eyes will peer to the left as well. This is a nice, inventive little touch that adds a lot to the novelty value of this cool little collectible. Throw in a generous helping of tiny, but very well-made accesoires (including accurate Rupees and hearts just like in the game) and you've got one guaranteed bundle o' fun in a plastic capsule.

For the pocket-change price they're being offered here, it can't hurt to pick up a few of these figures. If you see these figures on display in an import store, chances are they'll only be sold to you as a set of five, usually for a pretty steep price (around 20 Euro). Cute as though they may be, I don't think the full set of these figures is worth bothering with. That's because three out of the five figures in this set are just marginally different versions of the same Link figure. Link is featured three times in the set, the only difference being the expression on his face, and some of his accesoires. It's rahter a wasted opportunity to've filled up the set with so many similiar figures instead of some other characters - surely the world of the Wind Waker provides plenty of quirky denizens that could've made for great little figures. The three versions of Link aren't really radically different or interesting enough to warrant collecting all of them. Luckily you're given the chance to buy single, random figures at a low price here, just the way gashapon toys are supposed to be sold. Not a bad way to spend some leftover change, and a pretty cool collectible, all things considered.

"cute little links are waiting for you :"D" by Joke Koops (Nederland) on Jan 3, 2004

so very cute with moveable eyes and pretty jewelery like rupees. They have Lego-like hands for holding their wapens, wich means much fun to play with

"finally some zelda merchandise" by Maren Berghaan (Netherlands) on Dec 15, 2003

They're pretty funny, I like it that they have moveable eyes. This set features Links with several facial expressions like those he has in Wind Waker and some assecoires from the game, very clever.