FLCL ≫ FLCL vol 02 GN

FLCL vol 02 GN

FLCL vol 02 GN

FLCL vol 02 GN

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Naoto goes from high school nothing to mutant warrior in the blink of aneye. But what does it all mean? The town stirs with gossip when theMayor's adulterous affair makes headlines. And his daughter, Ninamori,the class president and Naota's friend, is having a hard time of it. Sohard, in fact, that she turns into a giant balloon to challenge Naota inbattle. And Haruko is closing in on the interplanetary foes she wasdispatched to dispatch. And is there any saving Mamimi from herdownwardly spiraling descent into madness? Plunge deeper into thedreamscape with FLCL volume 2.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series FLCL
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Science Fiction
Product Code PRE-2003082499
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Customer reviews
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"If you liked part 1..." by Chibs (Nederland) on Jun 2, 2006

You're sure to like part 2 as well. It finishes up the story, and is definiatly worth the money :) You can't go without it, if you already have part one lying around.

"so weird its fun!" by KHNA (Nederland) on Apr 2, 2006

haha tis is a very weird/funny manga!
if you seen the Anime its even better!
so if you like wacky guitar smashing and robots growing out of a guys head-like stories... this is the manga for you!!

"Not my taste" by Semion (Netherlands) on Feb 3, 2004

After reading the 2nd volume, i didn't know what i just read... It's a great addition to my manga collection, the drawing style is also great but i don't like the story! buy this if you like vague stories.