Trigun ≫ Trigun vol 1 TP

Trigun vol 1 TP

Trigun vol 1 TP

Trigun vol 1 TP

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Action, comedy, science fiction, and western gunslinger action congregate within these pages. Created by Yasuhiro Nightow, this compound of genre-bending ingredients has turned Trigun animation into a wildly popular seriesm and finally, the long-awaited manga comes to America.

Somehow the past has placed a sixty billion double dollar bounty on Vash's head, and the gunslinging pacifist can't seem to get away from money grubbing, itchy-trigger-finger citizenry. Find out why Vash is worth so much money dead! Feel the clumsy worry of the unfortunate citizens of the pulverous planet! Follow the follies of an unlikely hero in a forbidding world! Join Vash the Stampede - with his troubled past and an uncanny ability to dodge a gazillion bullets - and a cavalcade of unlucky characters on a dusty, desert planet in the distant future.

This collection is translated into English but oriented in right-to-left reading format, as originally published.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Dark horse
Series Trigun
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Adventure , Western
DC Previews 2010 DEC
Product Code DCSTK221703
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Customer reviews
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"Nice package with some flaws..." by Elisa Jokinen (Finland) on Jul 23, 2009

I generally like Trigun, but I think, based on this volume, that the anime version is better. There's a lot less humour in the manga and somehow it's not as easy to follow, to get a grasp on. Also, this collection-version of the manga is a little hard to read, it got a little tiring and it's harder to handle too, although it's more convenient than a bunch of volumes separately. The artwork is clean and nice and there are no bigger faults in the quality, but it just didn't make an impression.

"awesome" by DarkAeon (Nederland) on Apr 26, 2009

The Anime from Trigun is found in the 2 volumes of the manga.
Parts of the story in the anime are also found here, ofcourse not all of them! :P
Its really funny and a nice read.
So if you liked the anime you will definitly like this!

"zwak" by Thijs (Nederland) on May 13, 2008

de anime vond ik koning om te kijken... maar de manga vind ik erg vies tegenvallen.

jammer maar wel leuk om te hebben.

Anime is een aanrader,
manga laat die maar ligge

"Gezocht. Beloning: $$60,000,000,000" by KaitoKid (Nederland) on Apr 2, 2006

Het begin van de Trigun serie.
De plaats July is compleet met de grond gelijk gemaakt. De oorzaak is de zogenaamde menselijk typhoon. Deze natuurramp op benen heet Vash, en is onze held.
En nu Vash als natuurramp bestempeld is staat er geen beloning meer op zijn hoofd.
Het is aan Meryll en Sylvie, twee dames van een verzekeringsmaatschappij, om Vash te volgen en te rapporteren wat hij op zijn weg verwoest.

Vash kan er echter zelf niets aan doen dat overal waar hij komt wel iets mis gaat. Maar hij zal moeten blijven reizen, op zoek naar iemand...

"Cool!!" by Marinji Siti Dragon (Nederland) on Aug 26, 2004

A very good book. It starts different than the anime, but it's still great. Nice drawings. A book I really recommend to all. Trigun-fan or no Trigun-fan

"even better then the anime DVD's" by DraCo (Netherlands) on Jun 21, 2004

when i first saw Trigun on dvd i thought i'd seen the most hilarous thing ever.... but then i found out about the manga's.
and i think they're even better, once i started to read in it i could'nt stop anymore... untill i was at the end.
vash is really a strange character, everybody things he's a big bad guy, but he is such a funny guy always jumping around like a maniac.
ahwell... it's a book i can recommend to all of you.

"VERY BIG!!!" by Powerz (UK) on May 10, 2004

this is a great read, he's a cool charcter and the gunfights are done well^_^ and that goes the hole way though this MASSIVE 360 paged manga.

the gun fights have to be the best part about this manga though. the actions and the guns them self look great.

but there's not that spark that ofter mangas have like the comdey doesnt make you laugh out load, so i havnt gave it a 5 star rating

"ganz gut" by SaKaTi (Deutschland) on Nov 26, 2003

Der Manga ist leider weder zeichnerisch, noch von der Story (im ersten Band ist sie nicht sehr veraendert, beginnt aber erst mit der 5ten Folge. Im 2ten Band merkt man, dass die Handlung anders ist) her so gut, wie die Anime- Serie Trigun.
Aber zumindest der erste Band ist trotz allem ziemlich gut! Aber ich finde, das der 2te Band nicht so toll ist.