Transformers ≫ Transformers Master Piece Convoy Diecast Figure (transformable figure)

Transformers Master Piece Convoy Diecast Figure (transformable figure)

Transformers Master Piece Convoy Diecast Figure (transformable figure)

Transformers Master Piece Convoy Diecast Figure (transformable figure)

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This is the ultimate Transformer! The 20th anniversary Master Piece Convoy is big, very big. The figure features a lot of die-cast pieces and has an ectremely big amount of articulation. Both the robot mode and the vehicle mode are very detailed featuring real suspension for the rubber tires and feet, articulated fingers, 4 ways direction wheel ...and more. The Transformation in itself is a piece of art, he transforms from robot to truck and back without removing any piece. The figure also features a built in matrix.

The Takara version features a carton trailer in the box which can be glued together and looks really great to display. This is one figure no transformer fan should miss. The figure seems expensive but it is really worth the price. If you buy one transformer this year, make sure it is Master Piece Convoy!

Specific point of Master Piece Convoy :<UL><LI>real tire and real suspension<LI>material : diecast<LI>several accessories : Convoy gun, energy axe and Megatron pistol<LI>special feature : built in Matrix</UL>

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ0017
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"all star optimus" by sharky (Netherlands) on Jul 13, 2004

damn this is the most impressive transformers of all time

takara did a great job to make this one

in robot he is jus awsome
you can put it in any stand your like
the matrix is very cool

in truck mode he is still cool and big:)

great detail on everything
like the rubber wheels and really working suspension

just a must have for all

"just prime...." by g2jazz (Nederland) on Apr 16, 2004

i can only say this.... WOW

when i was doing the unpacking the coolest was almost dripping of the toy.. takara did accelent job making this one....

robot mode: just like the prime we all love... more there isn't to say about it... perfect articulations, many gimmics.

transformation: difficult the first couple of times.. but after you know how... you can do it easly.

truck mode: perfect. suspencion, the whole g1 feeling it got all.

special features: all very good. also i love the matrix thing, but bad it only matrix is light up.. maybe the could&eacute;v do more with the electronic. also the energon axe isn't always good on the hand, so i won't try putiing it on much...

overal: pefect so.. 5 stars

"Optimus Prime is back! "And this time, no one in the universe can stop him!"" by X_chinese (Netherlands) on Mar 19, 2004

At last! The best Optimus toy ever is here! Forget about those Beastwars, RID, Armada and other Optimus piece of crap! This is the real stuff! Just like the G1 Optimus, only bigger and better.

Imagine when you are a kid and open the box of the G1 Optimus Prime......... Can you feel it? You can feel the same when you open the box of this master piece Optimus Prime 20 years later!

The quality is almost perfect and the design is unbelievable. Believe me: When you see this, money doesn't matter!

I am looking forward to the next REAL Optimus Prime. Maybe it will transform with a press of a button and maybe it can even talk to you. Hopefully it won't take another 20 years......

But until then, this will certainly satisfy me for a long time.
Welcome back Prime!

"It rocks and kicks major butt!!!" by Astrotrain (Germany) on Mar 18, 2004

II dont know why most of the collectors are so picky about MP prime?

Its the most freaking, adorable and rocking Pime action figure i ever owned.

Its all tight and decent made and i just love it and most important its
more original than ever.......................

All of you shoudnt forget collecting TF figures is supposed to be fun and nothing more so give it a chance and dont complain so much.
P.S: archonia rules!!!!!

"just prime" by chris (Nederland) on Jan 26, 2004

echt een hele mooie transformer
hier heb ik zon beetje mn hele leven op gewacht
het transformeren echt geweldig de matrix ook geweldig
echt het is het wachten en het geld waard
autobots transform and role out !!

"What better way to celebrate the Transformers's 20th anniversary" by Winkelkar (Belgium) on Jan 21, 2004

Transformers has captivated the hearts of many mecha fans around the world. Proof of that were in those days the toys which sold tremendously and even today too of course. But not only the toys but the show is being kept alive by the releases of the DVD's, the new Transformer shows and the Dreamwave comic books.

Optimus Prime easily being said the most popular Transformer is finally getting the toy-incarnation he deserves. What really pleased when I saw the early pics is that they kept true to the G1 version of his truck- and robot mode. Now let's take a closer look at the pro's and con's.


Very nice. When you saw it on pictures it looked fairly simple. No dreamwave artwork or anything special, just Prime ready for battle with his famous gun. But the box in reality is really nice. Thanks to the use of the kewl, shiny font and stylish black. Oh yeah did anyone else notice the misprint on the box? It says: &quot;Transformers, more than meets TEH eye&quot;. Ahem... We didn't notice that did we? Also at the bottom it says &quot;MP-1&quot;. Now they wouldn't put the &quot;1&quot; if they won't make a &quot;2&quot; won't they? {:-)
The back features the pics of the features on the toy such as the accessories and some close ups.

When you open the box everything is tidy wrapped up in plactic with the carboard trailer as a shell for the toy.

But what really annoyed me were those *&ccedil;&agrave;*&ugrave;*$ twist ties. Of course you can cut them with a scissor but I don't think anyone wants to take the risk of chipping of some paint in the process. So it took me quite some time to free the toy. Then kudos to Yamato for how they package their toys but hey like that degrades the toy. {:-p

- Booklet with the history of of Optimus Prime, facts, some pics of the old toys, the story of the Diaclone Transformers etc.
- Little collectors card with Optimus' specs and info
- main gun
- Megatron gun mode with removable parts
- energon axe
- 2 black buttons to attach the trailer to prime
- Matrix of leadership that lights up

A very nice selection of accessories!

The toy itself:

- Overall looks:
Really stunning.... From the circuitry on his arms and back to the pistons in his knees, ankles and elbows... Everything is there and very nicely sculpted. Also I like his face because it looks kinda human because of the shape of his &quot;cheeks&quot;. His face becomes a little slimmer to the mouth. It gives him a very realistic look.

- Poseability
I thought this deserved a separate chapter because the articulation on this toy is incredible. The movement of his limbs is very human like. The arms raise, bend at the right angle. the shoulder can be pushed back, the wrists can be moved 360&deg; and can be raised and lowered a bit, the legs can take spread stances and twist, the feet have articulated toes, etc. Also what really amazed me is that the centre of his body is perfectly balanced meaning the centre of his weight is at the right place. This allows for him to bend over and such without falling too early or without the toy being unsteady.
The mouth also features some articulation. By a button on the back of his head you can move the mouth plate up and down to simulate Prime talk. Oh yeah about the mouth. If you ever manage to take it apart (shame on you!!!) then you can see his real mouth. It is a speaker-like pattern or some call it teeth. Really nice touch! I am worried however about the joint on which the head is placed. It seems to be a ball-joint but it looks fragile. It's unlikely to breal easily but I advice to pay attention to it.

Some other weak points are in my opinion also the backplate which you need to open up for his head to go in when transforming him into Truck mode. The first time I transformed him I took it off by accident. It totally freaked me out because I was worried I broke the little tabs. Phiew...luckily I didn't but point is it came off very very easy with me. Oh well guess it's a QC thing then. But then again beleive it or not also with tranforming I removed one of his feet....... And I didn't apply alot of force when turning it either! It just came of and as a result my right feet is quite sloppy now. Grrrrrrrrrrrr..... I saw some other points that needed special attention.
Don't get me wrong. The toy is very sturdy but the joints in particular are to be handled with care.

- Transformation
Wow..... The first time it took me around 10 minutes because I had some problems with sliding the legs in and some twisting and turning of some parts. I wanted to be carefull not to break anything, which unfortunately didn't work out (see above). But the transformation process is really intruiging. It's amazing how everything fits in and turns without having to remove any part! One can only look more in awe at it when you see how much effort has been put into this. People say the Yamato 1/48 Valkyries are more difficult to transform but this isn't true. This one wins that fight by far. And also it's just really fun to see how it fits together and how Prime probalby would transform if he existed. {;-)

- Robot mode
I won't cover much because most of it I said already above.
It's amazing what this kind of scale allows for a toy. What it can do for the details. Every part of Prime's body is sculpted correctly. The fingers are also a piece of art. They're each articulated individually, including the thumb. Another wonderfull detail is the Autobot symbol. It isn't just painted on, no it's really a separate piece of plastic on top of a white background. As or the rest it looks tight and as it should be. Not one part or detail is missing. Not even the communicator(s) on his arms. The left one has a pic of Bumblebee and the right one a pic of Starscream. Why Starscream? I've read somewhere that Cybertrons and Destrons all share the same communication channel so maybe Prime was eardropping on him? Who knows... The guns are placed very firmly in his hands. They don't fall out easily or are hard to place in the hands. The energon axe is also really kewl when put on.

- Truck mode
Looks anime true! Very solid mode and the features in truck mode are kewl too. Such as the suspension and the headlights and also the seat inside the cab! I also really liekd the chrome on the bumper and grid. It gives it that extra something.

So overall looked at it's the best Transformer toy to date for sure! I think no one can make a better Optimus Prime (Convoy) than this. I'd like to see them try! Hahahaha! But there are points which need special attention such as the joints in particular. I advice buy two. One for playign and for keeping in mint condition. If you can get hold of two. This toy is certainly worth every cent or penny or whatever. Buy it before it's goen for good.

"A master piece indeed" by rheide (Netherlands) on Jan 15, 2004

Everything I've heard about this Transformer is true, it is a masterpiece. It's just huge, it's beautiful and has enormous attention to detail.
The only thing I can think of that might put you off is that the transformation is quite difficult. It takes more than one try to master it.
The price shouldn't put you off, because you really get what you pay for with this one. A recommendation to everyone.

"An Optimal figure with Prime details!!" by Robhimself (Nederland) on Jan 14, 2004

This is art in it's purest form! It has all the detail of a sculpted statue, with the posebility of a ballerina!

This figure was well worth the 20 year wait, with all the bad aspects of growing up included ;)

As soon as I saw a box on my table labeled &quot;Archonia&quot; my heart started to pump. Thoughts ran through my head and blood was rushing through my veins!

And not without reason, this must be a benchmark in toy engineering, bar none! The fact that it's parents (calling it designers is an insult) took the G1 original and reverse engineered it, shows how much love, devotion, care and effort has been put in this baby!

That's why I call the people who are responsible for this jewel parents. Only love can put such a piece of art together!!


"*picks up jaw from floor*" by Ice (Netherlands) on Jan 13, 2004

Yes you saw that right. This toy is jawdropping. Well toy.. collector's item really. It has so many details and options, assecoires that the only problem with it in my eyes is that the manual is in japanese and that I can't read all of it. The trailer you can build out of his box is looking awesome as well and nicely in scale. (And I use it to store all the assecoires of Prime when he isnt holding them.)

And then to think I wasnt sure of wether I was going to buy it at first but I am glad I did. Highly recommended

"Excellent!" by twistedpaul (Netherlands) on Jan 10, 2004

I just got this yesterday, and I must say, I haven't been this thrilled with a Transformer toy in a loong time, even though a LOT of good stuff has come out in recent times.

This really is the ultimate G1 toy rendition of Prime. If you're not content with this, you're a very hard to please individual. All the little details are amazing and tastefully implemented, the figure is HEAVY due to the die-cast pieces, and that partially explains the steep price. But he's worth the money, and this is an expensive hobby anyway.

Guaranteed to scare away your cat ;-)

Get it now!

"THE MASTERPIECE!!!" by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Jan 9, 2004

I got this one today after waiting anxiously for months. When I opened the Archonia box I simply drooled at the box of this MasterPiece Convoy.
When I opened that box my mouth just fell open. This is truly the most wonderfull Transformer I've ever seen. In fact it's the most wonderfull toy I've ever seen. (Maybe the sealed G1 Convoy I have is just a bit more special and wonderful).
I tried to do a bit of transformation, but I just stopped with that. It's not that it's really hard to do or something like that, but I treat it like my most priced procession.

I'm really glad Archonia has this one for sale. It's really worth the money (twice even!!!). So, if you want to have one Transformer, this should definetly be the one. Grab it while you can!!! It won't disappoint you.

"WOW" by Simon (Netherlands) on Jan 7, 2004

This is indeed the best transformer ever. I've always wanted a Optimus that is show accurate and full transformable.
The transformation from robot to truck is a piece of art.
Altough it would be easier is I could read Japanese. So this is absolutely not for little kids (my kid brother of 12 was drewling when he saw it).

"EXCELLENT" by Rob Spoor (Netherlands) on Jan 7, 2004

This is truly an excellent piece of art! Comes with his own gun (which is grey, the only downside for me), Megatron in gun form, energy axe and removable matrix, which can light up while inside Prime's chest!

While other people say he is 30cm, he is definitely bigger. Metroplex is about 29cm, and Prime is much bigger. He is more in the range of Scorponok, which is around 40cm.

Conclusion: this is a must-have.

"a must own!" by firefox (België) on Jan 6, 2004

I had my doubt about this figure. I am by no account a G1 hardcore fan, and a primefan even less, but i don't regrett buying this masterpiec, because that's what it is a beautiful collector's item that has all the features of a transfomer and all the looks of a sculptured statue. It is worth every Euro i payed for it!

At first it does not strike as that special, but the more you look at it, the more you'll discover the little things that make this a unique transformer item.
Thh grey gun actually fits better then a back one would have and i love the black packaging with silver lettering :)

the 1 negative thing about this figure is the plastic tray insert which could have been made better, but that's just a minor detail ;).

If you don't own this, you will regrett it!

"un must" by renegat (Belgique) on Jan 3, 2004

optimus est un petit bijoux que tout bon collectionneur se doit de posseder a tout prix .

que ce soit en mode robot ou camion , il est de toute beauter

tout y est parfait et tres proche du dessin animer , je n'ai pas encore trouver de defauts a cette figurine

pouvez l'acheter avec les yeux fermer

"The ultimate convoy" by neelon (Netherlands) on Jan 2, 2004

This Convoy is the pinnacle of transformers coming from Takara, and will be very hard to beat, if this is at all possible. They have truly outdone themselves this time. This is truly a Master Piece.

Convoy stands nearly 30 cm high, is highly posable and will be the centre piece of any transformers collection. It dwarves the original convoy with it's sheer size. It's more than double the height.

It's got a pretty steep price for a transformer, but it is more than worth every cent it costs, believe me. I've gotten mine a couple of days ago (not though here because I couldn't wait any longer, but one is on order now for a friend) and it is sweet. Very sweet. And yes, Convoy is as big as the artwork on the box. :-)

"Masterpiece indeed!!" by RequieM (Nederland) on Dec 31, 2003

Masterpiece Optimus Prime also known as 20th Anniversary Prime is just that, a Masterpiece!
The dream of every Transformer fan. That what they never had and always wanted, the perfect leaer to lead their autobots.

In Truck mode, The truck has the 1 sceme that's mostly red and a has silver line through the red. The back off the truck is blue with silver highlights.
The wheels have real rubber and suspention. When opening the cabinet there is even a chair!!!
The detail is encredible on this figure. It doesn't look exactly like a real truck (like alternators do) but It matches the Prime of the cartoon. And that's intended.

This guy is huge! He can acctually look Unicron in the eye!
This Prime is the most perfect show acurate figure I have ever seen in my life. The color sceme is a perfect G1 match, meaning;
Blue head with grey/silver face (plate),
Red upperbody with the silver truck grill as stomache,
red arms with blue hands,
Grey/silver upperlegs and blue lowerlegs and feet.
The articulation is almost human.
Articulation in his head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers (!!), upperlegs, knee's and feet.
He also has some really cool extra's,
After tranforming him to a robot and you open the chest the matrix appears. when you push the button (on his left shoulder) the Matrix will light up. The blinding kind of lightup.
The matrix can also be opened just like in the movie!
He also has a moving mouthplate that can be activated by pushing a button on the back of the head.

This figure is well worth the money! It has all a Prime must have and all a fan want's in a Prime.
The figure and it's accessories (Prime's gun, his axe and a mini transformed Megatron) make Prime one of the most &quot;Musthave&quot; Transformers all over the world.


"PERFECTION !!! after 20 years" by RodimusPrime[C-77]¿ (Netherlands) on Dec 31, 2003

Master Piece Convoy (Optimus prime) [UNDERSTATMENT]
The PERFECT Collector item any TransFormer Fan should have.
We Have waited 20 years for this masterpiece and finally our wish has come true :D (Thank you Takara)
it even has a cardboard trailer (hey its a must :P)

Unlike the USA version which is a very sad piece of [CENSORED] smoke stacks cut off etc... :'(

All TF Fans BUY THIS ONE NOW ! (Or Pre-order)
Its the greatest transformer ever made.

Thx archonia for selling the greatest transformer collector item of the last 20 years.