Transformers ≫ Transformers BT-01 Smokescreen Feat Impreza Diecast (transformable figure)

Transformers BT-01 Smokescreen Feat Impreza Diecast (transformable figure)

Transformers BT-01 Smokescreen Feat Impreza Diecast (transformable figure)

Transformers BT-01 Smokescreen Feat Impreza Diecast (transformable figure)

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The first of the new Transformers Alternator series is here! The new action figure line features generation 1-like figures with real rubber tires and die-cast parts.

Specific point of the BT-01 :<UL><LI>material : diecast<LI>car mode : Subaru Impreza WRC 2003 model (Japanese car)<LI>door, engine cover and trunck : can open and close in car mode (see sample pictures)<LI>real tire and 4 way directions wheel (see sample pictures)</UL>

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ5001
Customer reviews
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"Waaaaw!!!" by ShockWave (Belgium) on Mar 3, 2007

Zeer knappe TF, vele opties! Heel mooi. Echt het hebben waard!!!

"amzing!!!" by silverbolt (UK) on Feb 15, 2007

this transformer is just amazing it looks like a real car in vechicle awesome robot mode and lots of die cast parts but some pieces fall off easily on all alternators

"E um tranformers dificil de montar." by rci (Portugal) on Apr 2, 2006


É um transformers que é dificil de montar.
Mas é muito fixe. Rodas de plastico. A direcção move as rodas da frente , entre outras coisas.

"beautiful" by epd (Netherlands) on Dec 28, 2004

Both in robot and car mode Smokescreen is really impressive. The deep blue die-cast gives him a very cool shine while transformed in the subaru. It is incredible that such a detailed car can transform in such a posable robot.
The transformation will be difficult the first couple of times, mostly because you're afraid to break something, but after a while it will become easy.

"bom bombom bom bom" by Tom Maassen (België) on Nov 15, 2004

mooi en af, super gedetailleerd,
de subaru zelf is tot in de puntjes uitgewerkt en de bot is cool
+- 25 cm en een stuk motor wordt het wapen!!!


"Absolutely great Toy" by Foximus Prime (Netherlands) on Sep 3, 2004

This new line of Binaltech transformers is just fabulous. This one is an exact replica of the 2003 subaru impreza World rally car. He looks awesome, and he's a transformer as well. What more do you want?

He is perfectly modeled and fun to play with.
I recommend getting this one and play with it and show off with it. Very cool toy.

"Marvellous but not for kids" by rheide (Netherlands) on Feb 16, 2004

This is truly a great figure. It's very posable and looks great as a robot and even better as a car. It's really not a toy, but more of a collectors item. Especially since it takes a half hour to transform.
I love the metalwork. It truly is worth the extra cash to go for this version.

"Above all expectations!" by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Jan 9, 2004

This one simply rocks the socks off you! I have it stalled a while now and everytime I look at him I think to myself: Transformers is still the coolest. Forget the Armada stuff, this is the real deal!
Be sure you get the Takara-version though, because I heard (and saw) that the US Hasbro version is 100% plastic.
But fortunatly, Archonia only gets the Japanese versions.
Next to the G1 re-issues, these are really worth purchasing!
Lastly: I couldn't decide which one was best: the carmode or the robomode. I got it stalled in robo-mode. I was thinking of getting this one twice (because both modes just look awsome). I guess Takara listened to my wishes, because another Subaru Impreza will be coming our way!

"Excellent." by TBA (Deutschland) on Dec 25, 2003

Where shall I start? Exterior mirrors that actually do reflect to some extent? Inner door casing with detailled doorknobs? A turn signal switch on the steering wheel? Headlights that look as if they were real? A realisticly looking exhaust pipe? A minuature Subaru logo on the front grill?
On top of that, the robot mode sports some heavy articulation. Even the head can move up and down.The hands can rotate and swing up, down, left and right to some extent.
This is by far the best Transformer toy I ever held in my hands. Buy it in case you dont have it yet!
Only one warning: HANDLE WITH CARE! The paint job really chips off pretty easy even if you're very careful. But aside from that, Smokey simply rocks.

"SUPER GENIAL" by renegat (Belgique) on Nov 28, 2003

j'ai ete bluffer par le realisme de cette figurine tent par le mode robot et surtout le mode voiiture

a prendre absolument

"A must have :)" by larskenn (Norway) on Nov 18, 2003

A fantastic figure. Stands great in robot mode and is a sure sight for sore eyes in car mode. A very detailed release. Can`t wait for Sideswipe and Master Optimus Prime. Pretty expensive though but he is worth it. BUY IT NOW!!

"excellent" by firefox (België) on Nov 17, 2003

this is a TF dream:
die cast material, posable, great carmode, great robot mode, excellent packaging

you gonna need 2 of these if you don't want top transform it every day cause both modes are so perfect ;).
I gave it a 4 star rate and not a 5 cause of the price, which remains high or this size of figure and because teh paint can come off a bit at the sholders when transforming it (common problem i heard), but that doesn't mean this is a figure you can walk past, it's a must have!

"Must buy it." by GuidoCimurro (Switzerland) on Nov 11, 2003

This is by far the best Transformer I've ever had (well, 'till Sideswipe and Masterpiece Optimus arrive). While in car mode, it's difficult to tell it's a robot, because of the very detailed interiors, openable trunks and doors, die-cast and metallic paint. Then you transform it and you've got Smokescreen from G1, but you've never seen him this way: extremely poseable, with lots of articulation everywhere.
Pay attention while transforming it because I've heard that the metallic paint is easy to chip. I've not experienced this myself because I've been very careful, but this one I wouldn't definitely give to my little sister to play...