Ragnarok ≫ Ragnarok vol 08 GN

Ragnarok vol 08 GN

Ragnarok vol 08 GN

Ragnarok vol 08 GN

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A cataclysmic battle has been fought and won, sparing the golden city of Prontera from destruction at the hands of the evil necromancer Himmelmez. However, in the midst of the melee, the valkyrie Sara Irine stole a shard of the heart of Ymir -- the life source of Midgard -- from the city's vaults. Though shrouded in mystery, one thing is known for certain about the heart: whomever possesses it wields ultimate power.

To keep the remaining shards out of the wrong hands, Chaos and his companions must embark upon a quest to locate and secure the remaining shards. The next shard is said to lie in Shwarzwaard, far to the north, beyond the Asgard Mountains. To reach it would take weeks on foot, so to stand a chance of success our heroes must take to the air in a Sky Ship. But when one of Freya's Valkyries sends Chaos and crew a message, the skies prove to be less than friendly.

Product details
Adult No
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Ragnarok
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Comedy , Drama , Adventure , Romance , Action
Product Code PRE-2003072501
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"A more humoristic approach" by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on May 12, 2005

After the fightin-filled action-packed volume 7, Myung-Jin Lee continues. This volume is a bit less serious and a bit more humoristic.

See the girls taking a hot bath! And see them on a flying ship.... which will crash not long after that. They'll once again meet Lidia, the thief. Follow their trip towards... Geffen.

Like I said, more humoristic, so there are more humoristic faces and stories. But there's still a threat following them.

Find out in this, once again, beautifully drawn volume 8!