Pet shop of horrors ≫ Pet shop of horrors vol 03 GN

Pet shop of horrors vol 03 GN

Pet shop of horrors vol 03 GN

Pet shop of horrors vol 03 GN

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Welcome to Chinatown! During your visit, be sure to stop by Count D's pet shop, where love and dreams are sold in the form of mythical creatures - but not without a catch. The buyer must adhere to a set of rules, which if broken, may result in death... or worse.

Officer Orcot is charged with protecting a marked woman, but even Orcot never would have expected the Count to be the assassin.

Young Maggie is bored with her dog. When Count D offers her a much more exciting pet in exchange, will Maggie grow tired of it as well... or will the pet tire of her new master?

A string of high profile disappearances has Officer Orcot hobnobbing with the city's elite, but after catching the Count in their midst, his list of suspects is shortened to one name.

After a chance meeting seems to stir up long-forgotten memories in an old woman, Count D begins to wonder whether ignorance is bliss in this emotionally moving and dramatic story.

Product details
Adult No
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Pet shop of horrors
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Mystery , Horror
Product Code PRE-2003072500
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Customer reviews
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"weird" by Rudi Bruyninckx (België) on Jun 1, 2007

I liked this vol. the least because there weren't a lot animals in it (except for T- chan). But the art is still amazing =P .

"A decent display of dark delights." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Nov 12, 2006

I enjoy Pet Shop of Horrors in small doses. The episodic stories are a fairly good way to pass an hour or two if you're into quirky and slightly macabre tales. Rather than full-blown tales of terror, the stories in Pet Shop of Horrors usually have a slightly unsettling dark edge that lingers in the mind. The manga as a whole has a certain wierd charm. The flowery art, the cutesy humour and the many fabulous costumes on display are straight out of Shoujoville. The supernatural elements and the dark stories, often with bittersweet and highly ambiguous resolutions, however, belong to an altogether less cutesy class (the nastier tales of Road Dahl and Saki are a good analog). It's a strange mix, but one that I quite enjoy. Like everything, the manga does have flaws. The art quality is far from consistent, for one thing. Close-ups of Count D usually look fine, but other characters often look crudely drawn with very little detail on them. Bystanders or minor characters suffer from this especially. They look pretty terrible just standing around gaping in a single scribbly panel. Likewise, the plots aren't always up to the same standard. Ambiguity is one of the manga's favorite tricks, but it sometimes goes over the top, creating stories whose resolution is so lacking as to render the whole tale meaningless. 'Diamonde', the first story in this volume is one of these weaker tales. It's basically one convoluted and very vague red herring story that simply leaves the reader feeling unsatisfied. The other stories, thankfully, are much better. 'Desire' is a typical dark morality tale about how we treat pets. 'Dessert' is a delightfully silly story where Count D experiences puppy love with a master chef who is not quite what he seems. 'Devil', finally, is the best story in this volume, mixing personal tragedy with an ever so slightly ominous supernatural twist. The last story gets it just right and is a good example of this manga's charms. That still leaves this volume as a mixed bag, but a decent one worth checking out if you've enjoyed the manga so far.