X 1999 ≫ X TV series 1 CD

X TV series 1 CD

X TV series 1 CD

X TV series 1 CD

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<OL><LI>Opening theme song eX dream<LI>Destiny<LI>The two Kamui, The two sacred swords<LI>Reckless run<LI>Red thread<LI>Hyper battle<LI>There is always one future<LI>Peaceful daily living<LI>Count down<LI>Encounter<LI>A suite [Dragons of Heaven]<LI>Destiny - Piano version - <LI>Ending theme song Secret Sorrow</OL>

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Music CD
Publisher Pioneer
Series X 1999
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Fantasy , Action
Product Code PRE-2003064098
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Customer reviews
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"Superb!" by Silvia de Groot (Nederland) on Aug 7, 2007

This CD is absolutly fantastic, for every other CLAMP/ X-1999 fan this is a great CD who makes your eyes wet. The songs which you'll know of the series, are so well made!

"X-Japan" by Sisiwisi (Sweden) on Jan 29, 2004

Need I say more! The soundtrack for X The movie was composed by X-Japan. Their music is out of this world!