Neon Genesis evangelion ≫ Neon genesis evangelion vol 01 DVD PAL

Neon genesis evangelion vol 01 DVD PAL

Neon genesis evangelion vol 01 DVD PAL

Neon genesis evangelion vol 01 DVD PAL

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The year is 2015. As the remnants of the human race cower in subterranean cities, a deadly war is being waged for what is left of the planet. On one side are the mysterious beings known only as the Angels; on the other, the secret agency NERV with mankind's last hope, the awe-inspiring Evangelions.

Piloted by a special team of young warriors, these giant bio-mechanical humanoids are the only thing that can withstand the force of the Angel's defense fields long enough for the pilots to tackle the massive invaders in brutal hand-to-hand combat! At the same time, NERV struggles to pierce the veil of mystery surrounding the enigmatic Angels. High-tech action, blistering battle sequences, soul ripping drama and spectacular visuals are seamlessly merged in the stunning animated series that ventures beyond the boundaries of space opera and questions the very nature of what it is to be human! Mankind's last battle has begun in Neon Genesis Evangelion! Contains episodes 1-4.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher Section 23
Series Neon Genesis evangelion
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese , Spanish
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language English
DVD region 2
Product Code MAN-NGEV2001
Customer reviews
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"Mecha-dvd about children piloting enormous robots to save the earth." by dejiko (Netherlands) on Dec 8, 2003

I just loved this DVD. The fighting is tough and drawn great, the charas are all different, you'll favour one after just a few minutes.

If you are a guy, you're in luck. Naked girls and tight outfits are comming up in this dvd regularly, but if you're a girl, it's not that bad, It didn't bother me for one minute. So if you are to purchase thid dvd, enjoy, but watch out, you'll be hooked in mere seconds, just like me.