Series not available ≫ Yuki Kajiura fiction CD

Yuki Kajiura fiction CD

Yuki Kajiura fiction CD

Yuki Kajiura fiction CD

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From Yuki Kajiura, the music artist who created the unforgettable music to the smash hit anime series Noir and .hack//SIGN, comes "Fiction," her latest and most unique CD release ever. This special CD soundtrack is being released in the United States even before its release in Japan, featuring three tracks from Noir and three tracks from .hack//SIGN all sung in English, a medley song from the anime series Aquarian Age, and other brand new songs!<OL><LI>key of the twilight<LI>cynical world<LI>fake wings<LI>fiction<LI>vanity<LI>canta per me<LI>zodiacal sign<LI>awakening<LI>open your heart<LI>winter<LI>salva nos</OL>

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Music CD
Publisher Pioneer
Series Series not available
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Product Code PRE-2003053827
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"a wonderful introduction to kajiura's talents." by jeroen (Netherlands) on Mar 28, 2004

This cd has the feeling of a 'best of' album, since it contains her most famous songs from Noir and Hack//sign along with some lesser known and new songs. Nevertheless the album has a definite atmosphere of its own. It is a very serene yet powerful album, with a strong celtic influence. The songs all fit perfectly together, in spite of their various origins.

The cd contains wonderful versions of 'canta per me' and 'salva nos' and new songs like 'cynical world' and 'vanity' have become some of my favourites.
Beware though that this is not your typical j-pop cd. In fact there is not a word of japanese to be heard.

There is also a japanese edition which contains 3 extra tracks (and probably costs a lot more). When in doubt which one to buy, i would advise against the japanese edition. The 3 extra tracks aren't very special. They are 2 instrumental tracks one of which is very short and another version of 'lullaby' from the Noir series. It's a jazz/blues-ish version, which lacks all the punch of the original. So i would advise to just get the usa version. You won't regret it!