Hellsing ≫ Hellsing vol 1 Raid OST CD

Hellsing vol 1 Raid OST CD

Hellsing vol 1 Raid OST CD

Hellsing vol 1 Raid OST CD

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The Hellsing Soundtrack Volume 1 embodies the gritty gothic atmosphere of the hit anime series, delivering 20 tracks of the coolest, high-gear frenzy garage band sounds and edgy instrumental cuts ever heard on an anime CD. Available for the first time as a domestic anime CD release, this release also features the popular English language ending song "Shine" by Mr. Big! Approximate running time: 50 minutes.<OL><LI>The world without logos<LI>Fool cross over Nirvana - Grudge prohibited<LI>Musical play smiling rebellious flower<LI>Certain victory Lotus sutra tune<LI>Services to gods - do on our own accord<LI>A left foot trapped in a sensual seduction<LI>Dracula's holy pupil and R & R<LI>P.S. Lord Amitabha have mercy on me<LI>Sea of chaos - Creator's ulterior motive -<LI>Original sin - For not keeping virginity - <LI>Bodhisattva of cathedral - Featuring Tatsuo Tabei<LI>The mask of the Priest and the bell of the chapel<LI>Act of demon or the work of God<LI>Pure death<LI>Survival on the street of insincerity<LI>Ambiguous drum's grief<LI>Requiem for the living<LI>Non-neurosis tunes - Who the hell are you? -<LI>When you start the war, fight with arrows, spears and swords!</UL>

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Music CD
Publisher Pioneer
Series Hellsing
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Action , Supernatural
Product Code PRE-2003053819
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Customer reviews
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"Very good OST" by N. (Nederland) on Sep 7, 2005

The anime wasn't that great but the music sure was.

Hellsing has some of the funkiest music I've heard in anime. The opening song is especially great and has a great atmosphere.

"It's an good OST." by Bidi (Finland) on Mar 17, 2004

This is great soundtrack, from great series. This OST volume 1 beats the vol. 2. This one has great tracks in it, and it is great backround music. I really recommend this to all fans of Hellsing.