Sorcerer Hunters ≫ Sorcerer hunters Complete collection DVD

Sorcerer hunters Complete collection DVD

Sorcerer hunters Complete collection DVD

Sorcerer hunters Complete collection DVD

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Exciting tales of action & adventure, love & lust, magic & mayhem you don't want to miss!

A rose with a whip, a leather-clad dominatrix, a muscleman, a mystic, and a guy named Carrot who really takes the cake. (In this world, heroes are hard to find.) In the magical Spooner Continent, five would-be heroes are sent by a powerful goddess to keep sorcerers in line. Named for various pastries, these gorgeous girls and handsome guys may be sweet, but they pack a seriously nasty punch.

There are the two sisters, Tira - a bookish, rosy-haired beauty who transforms into a busty, lusty whip-cracker with a toss of her cape; and chocolate - a sweet treat who can turn into a garotte-wielding dominatrix in the wink of her devilish eye. Joining these sexy siblings are Gateau, a muscle-headed he-man; and Marron, a delicate, but powerful young mystic. But the wild card in the bunch is Carrot - a crazed, hormone-driven degenerate who would rather chase fair maidens than fight power-mad sorcerers, and whose beastly nature often gets the better of him - literally. Contains all 26 episodes.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher Section 23
Series Sorcerer Hunters
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Genre Fantasy , Comedy , Adventure , Romance , Action , Magic
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2003073786
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Customer reviews
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"aanrader" by greenmage (Nederland) on Jul 5, 2006

zeer leuke comedy serie
echt een aanrader

"girls, GIRLS girls...." by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Apr 7, 2005

That's what's on Carrot's mind 24/7.

This is actually a great series. It starts of as this more comedy-related show, but at the end there is a more serious tone in the story.

The characters are a weird bunch put together. With 2 Carrot-crazed women, a muscleman and a sorcerer type of guy.

The most funniest parts of the show (I think) are when Carrot smells a woman and takes of at high speed. And when he changes and the Carrot-crazed women get all domenatrix and whip the living *PEEP* out of Carrot.

There are some episodes that are not as good as the others (aren't there more shows that suffer this flaw?). But on the whole, this is a great series. Value for your money!