Love Hina ≫ Love Hina vol 14 GN

Love Hina vol 14 GN

Love Hina vol 14 GN

Love Hina vol 14 GN

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The grand finale of one of TOKYOPOP's hottest-selling titles is here!

After two years of beating around the bush (and beating Keitaro senseless), Naru finally declares her true feelings for Keitaro. Is her big announcement too a little too late?

As Keitaro and Naru struggle to get closer, events conspire to frustrate the young would-be lovers. But, after Keitaro receives a mysterious letter and Hinata House suddenly empties out, what new element could be keeping the kooky couple apart?

Grandma Hina finally returns to Japan and, like it or not, Naru and Keitaro will learn the truth about their forgotten past and discover once and for all the identity of Keitaro's long lost love!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Love Hina
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Drama , Romance , Harem , Ecchi
Product Code PRE-2003062540
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Customer reviews
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"Excellent ending!" by Reiska (Finland) on Aug 7, 2008

Too bad it ends here, but the whole series including the ending is very well done.

"SUGOI" by Donna van Grunsven (Nederland) on May 11, 2007

OOH this is my one-time favourite Manga. The ending is just perfect.. All love hina fans gather come here and Partyy XD Nah joke. But ooh the extra story (the Wedding) Is uber-nice too. Well you know how it ends - hint hint- but I love it XD

"Last GN of Love Hina" by Kanna (Nederland) on Aug 29, 2006

A very beautiful end!
I want it on Anime too!