FLCL ≫ FLCL vol 01 GN

FLCL vol 01 GN

FLCL vol 01 GN

FLCL vol 01 GN

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Naota is a lonely boy in a lonely town living a lonely life amidst utter chaos. His father's a perv, his grandfather a nut, his brother ran off to seek riches in America, and his brother's dumb ex-girlfriend won't leave him alone. Now from beyond the star drops an impish defender sent forth to stop alien robots from destroying the Earth. Where do the alien robots come from? Well, from Naota's forehead for starters. From the twisted mind that brought us End of Evangelion comes this bizarre tale of adolesence in a world gone mad.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series FLCL
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Science Fiction
Product Code PRE-2003062531
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Customer reviews
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"het is gewoo te leuk" by Aq (Netherlands) on Feb 21, 2006

het is een heel bizarre manga net als de anime hetzelfde.

ik vind hem nog steeds geweldig. de tekenstijl ziet er simpel uit maar het is zo mooi alles wordt mooi uitgedrukt erin. de comedy is zo leuk erin de typetjes zijn ook heel apart

deze manga samen met vol 2 had ik volgens mij binnen 2 uur uit ofzo het is een echte aanrader hou je van het gekke bizarre en comedy.
je legt deze manga niet snel neer en het is het is nog steeds leuk deze opnieuw te lezen

"Odd odd odd.... Great ^-^" by Chibs (Nederland) on Feb 2, 2006

This is a great manga, that said, let's move on to the bad points....
It has exactly the same storyline as the anime, which is a shame for those who saw it.... only difference is some extra dialogue, and that all the scenes are not in the normal time line.
But that, is the only bad point. This is the first manga that actually made me laugh out loud, perfect use of the page, great dialogues, original drawing style.... Consider this a must have ~_^

"Unieke Drawings" by Trunks (Belgi├ź) on Mar 4, 2005

Deze manga heeft mij enorm verrast!! Niet alleen door de art maar ook door de uitgebreide verhaallijn waardoor je soms wel wat van het pad af geraakt maar na het lezen van de twee manga's is alles duidelijk en stel je vast dat die een uniek meesterwerk is, ZEKER LEZEN dus!!!

"the weirdest manga ever" by Sponge Unit (Netherlands) on Aug 11, 2004

Just like the anime, the manga is almost impossible to follow but still great fun to read. And best of all, there IS an intriguing storyline! It's just that it'll take you a while to figure it out!

"woa weird!" by Semion (Netherlands) on Jan 27, 2004

i bought this anime because i wanted a weird manga, well my wish is fullfilled! i had to read this volume twice to understand it. The drawing style is really good, i recommend this manga to anyone that is into really vague manga.

"the same as above" by Nighttiger (Nederland) on Dec 17, 2003

This is crazy but in a good way. everthing is weird with this....same as the anime. ...oh and the robot i really like!!!

"^_^ nice" by Panya-san (Nederland) on Nov 20, 2003

Wow o.0 This is even more absurd than the anime!!! =D i like it!
The drawings definatly((how do you spell that?-.-)) match the weirdness of naota's life ^^;
the storyline is a bit different than in the anime, but the first volume sure is promising, so i hope the rest is as good as the first ~.^