Transformers ≫ Transformers Season 3 Box set 1 DVD

Transformers Season 3 Box set 1 DVD

Transformers Season 3 Box set 1 DVD

Transformers Season 3 Box set 1 DVD

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The first half of the third season - now on DVD in this special collector's edition containing 16 action-packed episodes on 3 discs.<UL><LI>Five faces of darkness part 1<LI>Five faces of darkness part 2<LI>Five faces of darkness part 3<LI>Five faces of darkness part 4<LI>Five faces of darkness part 5<LI>The killing jar<LI>Chaos<LI>Dark awakening<LI>Surprise party<LI>Madman's paradise<LI>Webworld<LI>Carnage in C-minor<LI>Forever is a long time coming<LI>Fight or flee<LI>Thief in the night<LI>Starscreams' ghost</UL>

Product details
Adult All ages
Department video / DVD
Publisher Rhino
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English
Primary language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2003064060
Customer reviews
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"Original soundtrack included as well" by Argus (Netherlands) on Feb 1, 2004

While the releases for S1 and 2 lacked the original soundtracks with which these episodes originally aired, this later release for S3 does include these tracks alongisde the two previously available 'enhanced' versions.

It's very nice to see that Rhino has listened to complaints regarding their remixes (who would want Battlestar Galactica soundbits in their TF's?) . Now if only they rereleased S1 and 2 with these original tracks as well...

"TransFormers Season 3 " by RodimusPrime[C-77]┬┐ (Netherlands) on Dec 4, 2003

What can i say....
If Your a TransFormer Fan and have the first 3 dvd boxes you can't miss out on this one. BUY IT NOW ! ;-)

The greatest cartoons ever made is allmost complete on DVD one more dvdbox to go to finish Generation One. (USA Serie)
This box is one of the greatest collecter items you can buy
(other one is the Takara Re-issues of G-1)
It has some of the best episodes ever made.

[Here's hoping Rhino will release The Japanese Generation One series Headmasters,Masterforce and Victory Zone SUBTITLED on DVD.]

( Only flaw is Rhino should have used the first version of Dark Awakening without the &quot;is this really the end of Optimus.. or they should have put it on the second season 3 box)

WHAT ?? you don't have one yet O.O
you gotta be kidding me Buy it now before its gone.

"Enter Rodimus Prime and Galvatron. Excellent once again" by Micha Muscus (Netherlands) on Nov 10, 2003

This is the first DVD set with 16 episodes which chronically took place after Transformers The Movie. Finally the magnificent creations called Quintessons are preserved for a lifetime. Not to forget the most brutal and roughest Transformer of them all: Galvatron!!
When you allready have the first three DVD sets, you should certainly buy this set. It contains some great stuff once again and you can even choose to play the DVD with it's original soundset (un-enhanced)!! When you don't have the other DVD sets yet. then still buy this one quickly and then order all the others too, cause you don't know what your missing!!