Series not available ≫ Kamyla vol 3 DVD

Kamyla vol 3 DVD

Kamyla vol 3 DVD

Kamyla vol 3 DVD

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A battle between a mysterious criminal organization and a special police force unfolds. Will Agatha, Koyomi, and Lily become captives of the minds control drug, Kamyla?

Lily, Tsubaki and other special agents set out to rescue Agatha and Koyomi from the hideout of a criminal ringleader, Lead Suits. He uses a mind-controlling drug called Kamyla to turn women into wanton, insatiable sex slaves...! During the raid, Lily is captured, and forced to take on two studs on stage while a video camera tapes the action... The raid is successful, and Koyomi and Agatha are carried off to the hospital to recover. However, the evil drug, Kamyla is still coursing through their body. Soon, Agatha and koyomi are under Lead's control once again, and they have also brought many hostages, including Lily and Tsubaki, to Lead. Starting with a massive free-for-all orgy, the sexual action gets hotter by the minute! Can Agatha and Koyomi escape the mind-enslaving effects of Kamyla? The final episode of this series, filled with hardcore sex and fun, fast action!

Product details
Adult 18+ Adults Only
Department video / DVD
Publisher Nutech
Series Series not available
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6
Product Code PRE-2003064001
Customer reviews
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"manga erotico-policier..." by Taine (France) on Nov 9, 2004

je n'ai pas vu la serie en entier mais les deux episodes que j'ai visionnés m'ont agréablement surpris. le scenario tient la route même si l'anime en lui meme laisse un peu à désirer. les scènes de domination constituent l'essentiel des dvds et, si vous êtes amateur, sont assez satisfaisantes... dommage que le dessin ne soit pas meilleur...