Transformers ≫ Transformers re-issue 10 Soundwave

Transformers re-issue 10 Soundwave

Transformers re-issue 10 Soundwave

Transformers re-issue 10 Soundwave

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The 10th Transformers re-issue from Takara is most fans' favorite Decepticon SOUNDWAVE! Soundwave was the Decepticon's communications commander and had several subordinates under his command. Soundwave was able to transform into a cassette player while his subordinates fuctioned as the tapes. Each cassette Decepticon had a certain task like reconnaissance (Buzzsaw), interrogation/spy (Laserbeak), Saboteur (Ravage), Demolition (Rumble), ... . The Soundwave re-issue figure will include the Laserbeak (Condor/cassette) figure. It is expected that the other cassettes will be released at a later date. For a lot of fans this is a great opportunity to get their hands on this extremely popular and cool figure in mint condition at a fair price.<UL><LI>Soundwave figure<LI>Laserbeak figure<LI>2 cards about Soundwave and Laserbeak<LI>1 color book about the Transformers</UL>

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ0015
Customer reviews
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"omg omg omg i finaly have 1" by jetfire (Netherlands) on Jul 18, 2004

finaly after al of these years wanting to own a soundwave i got one ^_^
when the g1 series was on air here in the netherlands that was the most wanted toy around and very hard to get.
this re-issue is beautifully packaged in a book style box with character cards and a colored book about other re-issues.
laserbeak and soundwave in a one package deal you cannot miss this if you are a fanboy of the series.

"A dream come true" by Foximus Prime (Netherlands) on Apr 18, 2004

I think we all wanted to get our hands on soundwave back when gen 1 was on the air. Soundwave was pretty hard to find in the netherlands back then, so if you like me missed your chance then, dont hesitate to get him today. He is one the best toys around and so much fun to play with and to show.

"It's ... it's ... Wow ... just ... wow !!!" by Seth (Belgi├ź) on Feb 20, 2004

I still can't believe I finally own a Soundwave, my alltime favourite Transformer finally in my greedy hands!
It's just too bad they haven't reissued the other cassettes but I can wait ... No I can't, I want them now !!!

Note: they should've really included a towel with this cool bot 'cause I drooled all over the place.

"Re-issue 10" by SoundBlaster (Netherlands) on Jan 9, 2004

FINALLY!!!! A SoundWave that is in perfect condition! I wanted to have this baby for a really long time. It's my favorite TransFormer figure from G1. Also because it symbolized music ofcourse.
It's a really cool bot and I'm very happy I own it!
The mold got changed for SoundBlaster, but that does not really make it a bad re-issue. Some points are stronger then the original, which should be a plus-side (unfortunatly I don't own an original Soundwave, but because of this release the hunt for a second hand toy has been put on hold).

A great toy!

"NEED MORE CASSETTES!" by Adrian Logiantara (Netherlands) on Nov 24, 2003

The Reissue is in one word, Fantabulous! The only bad thing about this reissue is the fact that it theother cassettes were'nt reissued at the same time.
Can't wait to get my hands on a new Ravage, Buzzsaw, rumble and frenzy, ratbat, overkill, slugfest, Squawktalk, and beastbox.

And how about blaster and his little friends...

"soundwave" by chef345 (Nederland) on Nov 8, 2003

Soundwave finally after al those years a re-issue and it is great with laserbeak nice in a book re-issue . A must buy for transformers fans around the globe.

"Soundwave" by larskenn (Norway) on Nov 8, 2003

This guy is great. I always wanted him when i was a kid and now my dream has come true. The Laserbeak feature is a nice add on. I only wish ratbat also would be included :( But a great release.....