Macross ≫ Macross Super parts set for 1/48 Macross Valkyrie Diecast Figure

Macross Super parts set for 1/48 Macross Valkyrie Diecast Figure

Macross Super parts set for 1/48 Macross Valkyrie Diecast Figure

Macross Super parts set for 1/48 Macross Valkyrie Diecast Figure

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This is the highly anticipated armour and weapon systems set to upgrade your 1/48 scale valkyrie into the deadly strike valkyrie. This set fits on any 1/48 scale Valkyrie figure from Yamato and is highly detailed. At this moment we did not yet receive detailson what extras will be included in the set appart from the armour and weapon systems from the Strike valkyrie.

Please note the 1/48 scale Valkyrie figure is sold seperately, it is not included.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Yamato
Series Macross
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code YAM-MACZ0018
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"cool item no valkyrie complete without this item" by supercollector (Nederland) on Mar 26, 2007

hello everybody,

This item is quite nessecary to complete your 1 / 48 Macross Valkyrie. Without the armaments the Valkyrie looks funerable. It also looks very cool. Anyway i got this item for a nice price and my Valkyrie is complete for battle.

quite a detailed workings on the super and strike parts.

Box is foldable, so you can see the armaments.

thanks.....See ya next time Archonia...

"Yamato macross "perfect" fast pack" by Edouard DECKERS (France) on Mar 14, 2006

Ce jouet est très impressionnant par son soucis du détail : les proportions sont exactes et le montage très simple. De plus, les missiles dans les back pack sont à placer individuellement (ou par groupe de 2)! Enfin, ces pack étant compatibles avec tous les jouets macross au 1/48° de Yamayo, ils peuvent être interchangés régulièrement :)
Jouet à ne pas manquer pour tous les fans de la série et les collectionneurs!!

"extremely detailed parts not to miss" by Winkelkar (Belgium) on Jan 1, 2004

The 1/48 scale Valkyries from Yamato are top of the bill. They're extremely detailed and very well articulated and certainly compared to the valks from other companies.

So it would only be a matter of time before Yamato would release a set to turn your valks into a Super or Strike Valkyrie. And it's safe to say the set is awesome! The sculpts on everything is very detailed and identical to the DYRL Super and Strike parts. A small fact is that the DYRL parts aren't the same as the TV versions. The differences aren't big but if you want the tv version then get the 1/48 VF-1j with the Fast Packs. Everything is included to beef up your Veritech Fighter so let's summarize what's included in the package:

- Leg armors
- arm armors with the micromissiles
- boosters to attach to the backpack
- 2 micromissile launchers to attach to the booster
- 1 strike cannon
- 2 nuclear missiles hold by two
- 2 separate nuclear missiles
- micromissiles in PVC plastic to put in the separate launchers
- neck piece to help hold up the back pack in battroid mode
- sticker sheet
- manual

Attaching the parts:
Putting them on was very simple. Anyone can do this without the manual because the parts are simple in structure in terms of looking for the right pegs etc. to put them on the Valkyrie. Everything snaps into place very firmly and secure. I didn't have the feeling that they could fall off easily.

What does concern me is the stress put on the valk itself. For example you have to bend the legs a bit to put the leg armors on and then wiggle them to put them on the right place. Also the boosters have iron pins to put them on the backpack and it's a tight fit.I had to wiggle them and slowly insert them into the backpack because I'm sure if you would do it too hasty you'll definitely damage the backpack.

Also with my set the missiles don't stay on very well. They tend to fall of very easily compared to the original triple missile clusters. the arm armor with the micro missile launcher snapped on very firmly no problems there. The one thing that however annoyed is that with the arm armors it's very hard to hold them properly between the legs in Fighter mode. The holes for the pegs are hard to locate and the arms tend to fall down which results in the gun pod dragging over the floor.

QC issues:
There is no product in the world that doesn't have QC problems. Not even this..... grrrrrrrrr....
My right micromissile launcher on the arm misses one missile as in: you can see the glue but the darn thing isn't there and no it wasn't in the box anywhere. It was simply not there.

Also the neck piece to help hold up the backpack is a pain in the ***. It's a few millimeters to short to put it on or you'd have to severly stress the little hinge where you have to put it on. That was a mayor let down because without it on my low visibility the backpack can't stay in place. I do'nt know what's the deal on other1/48's because Ionly have on for the moment but this actually the only real thing that made me mad.

Besides these little things, except for the neck piece, this is a highly enjoyable set. It is very detailed, looks simply great, you have both Super and Strike parts and if you own a 1/48 this is certainly something not to miss out on!