Chobits ≫ Chobits Bilingual edition manga 01

Chobits Bilingual edition manga 01

Chobits Bilingual edition manga 01

Chobits Bilingual edition manga 01

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The first volume of the bilingual (Japanese/English) version of Clamp's wonderful series, Chobits.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Kodansha JP
Series Chobits
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Science Fiction , Romance , Ecchi
Product Code KOD-CHOT3001
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Customer reviews
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"amazing" by Kristy Jonckers (Belgi├ź) on Aug 30, 2008

This manga seems to me a little different than the others I've read. Chii is just too cute to resist. The moment I saw her I just had to smile :)

"WOW" by heather rison (Nederland) on Apr 7, 2008

this is a great manga from CLAMP!
the story is lovely
and the pictures are beautifull!

"SOo sweet and a bit sexy" by Mirai (Netherlands) on Mar 10, 2005

This serie is so sweet. And with all of the sweet characters in this manga we go on a adventure with realy awkward situations which are very funny. Another great thing about this serie: the first couple of pages are drawn in the most geourgeus colors.

"The most beautiful drawings and characters!" by Joona (Finland) on Aug 12, 2004

The story is great with the funny situations and the characters. This manga has lovely drawings with the hot and the most beutifull characters. It's really funny when you read it and the pictures are made just as funny as the jokes so it's a really funny story.

"Is she just robot or a chobit ?? Is he my special someone?" by Jessie Rose (USA) on Feb 4, 2004

Chi a persocon lying waiting for someone take her home .Hideki finds her and at first mistakes her for a normal girl but when sees she what he been hearing about .He picks her up and takes her home.Is it love at first sight or will he agree with Yumi that humans are better? Lets see as the unfolds in Chobits Volume 1.