King of bandit Jing ≫ Jing King of bandits vol 02 GN

Jing King of bandits vol 02 GN

Jing King of bandits vol 02 GN

Jing King of bandits vol 02 GN

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Tardiness clause

Any person found to be acting as the organizer of activities with an expressed or implied goal of promoting tardiness for the purpose of reforming the City's Schedule, taking part in discussions concerning such practices to the end of meeting these or similar goals, or otherwise perceived as an instigator of such actions as would pertain to such goals, will be sentenced to death, and summarily executed.

(Adonis Time Law, Chapter 1, Article 2)

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series King of bandit Jing
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Comedy , Adventure , Science Fiction
Product Code PRE-2003052460
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"WONDERFULL" by Enya Pister (Belgi├ź) on Sep 16, 2008

The second manga just blew over the first one! this is 5star ranked manga. Sweet backgrounds and art. And the story is just wonderfull. This serie is a must have!