Kai Doh Maru ≫ Kaidohmaru DVD

Kaidohmaru DVD

Kaidohmaru DVD

Kaidohmaru DVD

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From the creators of Blood the last vampire

Feudal Japan - The battle for the capital city of kyo rages as warring political factions vie for power against hereditary rulers. After the murder of her parents at the hands of her seditious uncle, a young girl named Kintoki flees to the mountains to lead a harsh life, and is renamed Kai Doh Maru by the local villagers. Rescued by Raiko, the Captain of "The Four Knights" - honorable defenders who protect the peace of the city, she is raised within their group as a boy. Living among the Knights, she learns the practices of martial arts and develops into a skillful samurai, becoming a permanent member of their team. Now, as a young woman of seventeen, she begins to discover new feelings of passion and love for Raiko...but she also discovers that these new emotions cause a storm of jealousy and rage in another woman linked to her past.

Set in the political intrigue of Japan's Heian era, explosive action, intertwined with a complex human drama, is brought to life in this atypical story of love, honor, jealousy and betrayal. Produced by the incomparable animation teams from japan's IG Plus / Production IG (Blood: the last vampire / Ghost in the shell), this fully digital animation tour de force features elaborately drawn 3D backgrounds, showcasing a unique colorization scheme reminiscent of Japanese artwork from the period. Kai Doh Maru masterfully explores new and uncharted dimensions of anime, taking you back in time to a distant past, a beautiful and deadly world of lavish luxury, mind altering mysticism and bloody conflict.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher Manga entertainment
Series Kai Doh Maru
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Genre Drama , Romance , Historical
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2003053725
Customer reviews
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"Confusing and short, but yet somewhat cool.." by N. (Nederland) on Sep 10, 2005

I can only comment on the anime itself and not this DVD;

The animation was done real well and the art style was unique and stylish. A more mature style to it.
Action was good, some cool sword-slicing action.
Voice acting and sound was satisfactory.
Characters were "okay". The gender confusion of the main character was intended but it confused me somewhat.
Story? Well, I wasn't really sure what the hell was going on. It all went too fast and I couldn't really figure out what the plot was actually about.

So... cool animation, but 45 minutes of a rather vague story.