Arms (Project Arms) ≫ Project arms vol 05 Psychic circus DVD

Project arms vol 05 Psychic circus DVD

Project arms vol 05 Psychic circus DVD

Project arms vol 05 Psychic circus DVD

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All on a summer's day<UL><LI>Episode 13 - Blue men<LI>Episode 14 - Welcome rain<LI>Episode 15 - Showtime</UL>There's no place like home...yeah, right.

The ARMS boys have returned to Aisora City, but "back to normal" their lives are not. As Ryo, Takeshi and Hayato try to come to grips with their devastating experience at Abumisawa, they face a new set of challenges...

Kei Kuruma, for example. A member of the msyterious "Blue Men", her adoption as the fourth Arms subject makes for sibling rivalry with a vengeance. Then there's Misa - good ol' "Wacky Misa," as Katsumi used to call her - pulling stuff out from beneath the sink that sure aren't cleaning products. Huh?

Last but not least, meet the Ex Armis. With "X-tra" special powers used in a way that makes that other group look like weak-kneed schoolgirls, these mutants are angry, taking names, and out for blood. How will Ryo's confrontation with these psycho psychics end?

The action keeps on getting better in this fifth installment of Project Arms.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department video / DVD
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Arms (Project Arms)
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Genre Adventure , Science Fiction , Supernatural
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2003053739
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