Macross ≫ Macross Transformable Action Figure Die Cast VF-11B Fastpack version

Macross Transformable Action Figure Die Cast VF-11B Fastpack version

Macross Transformable Action Figure Die Cast VF-11B Fastpack version

Macross Transformable Action Figure Die Cast VF-11B Fastpack version

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The new Fastpack version of the VF-11B features all the neat features of the regular version and then some! This 23 cm Die-Cast/PVC action figure transforms from Fighter to Gerwalk to battroid and back. The extra armor and fastpacks provided with this release are detachable so you can display the figure in regular mode or in fastpack mode.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Yamato
Series Macross
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Comedy , Drama , Adventure , Science Fiction , Romance , Action , Space opera
Product Code YAM-MACZ0016
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Customer reviews
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"Yamato macross VF-11B w/ fast pack" by Edouard DECKERS (France) on Mar 14, 2006

Comme tous les jouets macross par yamato, ce jouet est de bonne qualité et assez détaillé. La finition est moins bonne que sur les 1/48, mais reste correcte.
Les mains ne sont pas articulées (plusieurs mains dans la boite) et la transformation n'est pas "parfaite" (le heatshield est séparé).
En conclusion, pour tous fans de la série, ce jouet reste un bon achat et est de plus en plus dur à trouver (comme tous les jouets Macross plus)

"VF-11b Macross Plus flown by Isamu" by hushpuppy (Belgium) on Nov 5, 2003

First impresssion:
The box art looks very great. It's in kewl black and the back features a kewl pic of the toy in Fighter Mode with the Fastpack Boosters Attached. And also, like any Yamato Macross Figure, it features the specs of the Valkyrie. The box itself also comes with a nice window so you can see the toy. A nice touch.
The toy itself is firmly hold into place into the plastic. The accessories that come with the toy are:

- two heatshields (one spare)
- Gundpod
- Removable hand for holding the gunpod
- Two Fastpack Boosters
- Two leg armors
- Mini Pilot inside the cockpit

The toy itself looks very good in all 3 modes but Gerwalk mode is a little less. It looks very good in Fighter Mode.

Fighter Mode:
Very sleek and detailed. However the rather unpleasant part is that how ever the wheels of the landing gear turn, the Gunpod is rather close to the ground. Also the wheels from the landinggear in the legs don't touch the ground (?). They need to slide out but when you do it's fine but when you put the toy down they go back up of course. A beauty error shall we say. The toy is fairly firm and doesn't have to many loose parts. And also a nice touch is that the cockpit can open to reveal and remove the pilot. The painting scheme is treu to the anime which I can only cheer at.

Believe it or not but in firmness and stability I like this mode more than Battroid form. The toy looks rather good in this mode. It's poseable enough to imitate the anime.

Unfortunately this is the most dissapointing mode. Why? Very simple when you try to put the toy up it hangs a bit forward and there's not much you can do about it. It either hangs too much forward or too much backwards. It stands stable enough but I wouldn't give it a push. also it's hard to hold the arms up because however at the elbows they hold up when you raise the arms at the shoulders they fall down. Which is kinda dissapointing. That much for poses.... Another very annoying thing is the shield. It doesn't fit perfect into the little hole for the tab. Result is that it tends to fall of very easily when not handled carefully. Don't get me wrong it's not a bad form to put the toy into but it's far less than what I've expected of it.

It's fairly simple to tranform the toy. I had few issues with it. But there are some points which are very annoying. When you transform it into Battroid or Gerwalk Mode you have to put the arms to the side but the thing is that the arms have to be raised over the wings and you have to stress the joints a bit to get the arms into the right position. Maybe it sounds confusing but you'll definitely see what I mean when you own the toy yourself.

Very nice looking toy and quite satisfying but it has a few issues that this doesn't make it my favorite Valkyrie.