How to draw ≫ Tachikawa manga pen

Tachikawa manga pen

Tachikawa manga pen

Tachikawa manga pen

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The superior choice for the discriminating manga artist, the new Manga Pen from Tachikawa is a revolutionary, precision instrument featuring a chromium-plated, stainless steel, 0.2mm nib, making it impervious to rust or corrosion. In addition, the water-proof black ink is fed through a sophisticated cartridge system that resists problems of ink flow and skipping.

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department toys and models / Drawing Supplies
Publisher MISC
Series How to draw
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code PRE-2003042976
Customer reviews
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"Tachikawa manga pen" by Tetsuya (Nederland) on Jul 18, 2005

Deze pen tekent erg fijn,de 0.2mm pen tekent fijne dunne lijnen waarme je mooie details aan kunt brengen,de inkt droogt erg snel,zo af en toe moet je de punt van de pen schoonmaken,deze pen is makelijk te hanteren,waardoor het inkten makkelijker gaat.

"Great pen" by Firithlotion (Finland) on Nov 4, 2004

This pen makes you draw better!
Well it don't make you that good that you can draw Picassos ewery day if you cannot draw even box right.
But I think it brought some of my hidden skills to daylight.
You can draw very small details and ink is very good. I'ts nip get sometimes stuck and you must clean it. Some pens nip start to scratch paper and didn't work the way it should. But that should not happen if you keep good care of your pen.

"Malt sehr gut, aber..." by SaKaTi (Deutschland) on Jun 12, 2004

dieser Stift malt wirklich sehr gut, aber es war sehr zeitaufwendig, ihn zum schreiben zu bringen...zu dem brauchte ich erstemal etwas Zeit, um ihn zu verstehen, da der "open" -Pfeil in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zeigt, in die der Stift wirklich aufgeht... das war leicht verwirrend, deshalb nur 4 Sterne.

"It's magic" by KWiNZ (Netherlands) on Mar 18, 2004

It's a very nice pen actually.
I usually use Sakura Microns to ink but since their smallest pens can't handle details very well i decided to try this pen.

It's a very nice pen to ink with, when you put the nib onto the paper the ink starts to flow and when you take the pen off the paper it stops immediately so no more dripping and leaking pens.
The ink itself is pretty good black and dries fast so no more smudging.

The metal nib is very sharp so you can draw the tiniest details.
When drawing on highfibre paper keep a soft cloth by hand to clean the nib because it gets clogged easily.

One little nitpick would be that the ergonomical design of the pen is too simple. It cost the pen 1 star.
It doesn't have padding to protect your middlefinger when inking for a longer period of time, so you'll end up with a sore finger (it'll give you that killer artist nub though hehe)

So don't be afraid to try this pen, you'll definitely like it.
You can draw the coolest and tiniest details and get a killer artist nub.

"vulpen ?" by Scarlet (Nederland) on Jan 23, 2004

Een kroontjes- / vulpen geschikt voor details tekenen. Maar niet geschikt voor technische tekeningen, omdat er niet gelijkmatig inkt uit de vullingen komt als je snelle lijnen trekt.

In de vulling zit aan het begin een kogeltje, die zodra je de vulling in de pen stopt in de inkt valt, waardoor er niet zomaar inkt uit de vulling druipt als je hem ondersteboven houdt. Bovendien droogt de inkt erg snel.