Transformers ≫ Transformers Micromaster part 4 Six Builder box of 12 micromasters

Transformers Micromaster part 4 Six Builder box of 12 micromasters

Transformers Micromaster part 4 Six Builder box of 12 micromasters

Transformers Micromaster part 4 Six Builder box of 12 micromasters

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The fourth release in the Micromaster re-issue line from Takara will be the mighty Six Builder. This release features six Micromasters (Crash Blue, Digger, Highlift, Gramdarm, Trader and Mikishing ) which can be combined to form the Six Builder Gestault. The micromasters will come in closed boxes, both colored and transparant figures are available.

This release also features a Devastator colored Sixbuilder using pieces of the Micromaster re-issue part 1 and 3 together with the green colored Sixbuilder Micromasters. This is one release you cannot miss!

When you order this product, you'll receive one full box of 12 Micromasters. That's 2 complete Sixbuilder gestaults!

Product details
Adult No
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ0014
Customer reviews
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"Nice." by RhA (Nederland) on Jun 13, 2007

Takara's reissue micromaster line isn't complete without Sixbuilder.
The once rare combiner line has become available for regualr joe now and it's a good thing.

For half the price of a deluxe toy you get two complete combiners, that's twelve Micromasters in a box that will look nice between your other MIB transformers. Sixbuilder is, in my opinion, the best looking of the series. A recommendation for all first generation fans!

"Sixbuilder" by Veli Vidgren (Finland) on Mar 29, 2007

The micromasters are pre- micron/minicon designs, so articulation is much more poor. Otherwise, they look fine in their vehicle modes with some detailing. But the gestalt is the thing this set is all about. Of course, being in micromaster scale, it's not as impressive as original G1 gestalts, but still looks good. Gestalt's arms and head have more articulation than the micromasters', but unfortunately its legs don't have any.

Still, in spite of its flaws, this is recommended for everyone who likes the original micromasters and gestalts.

"Een goede aanwinst voor iedere verzameling" by osiris (Netherlands) on Sep 6, 2006

Dit vind ik persoonlijk de leukste transformers die je kunt hebben : Micromasters .
Dat er 2 stuks in 1 doos zitten vind ik al helemaal geweldig , maar het beste vind ik dat er willekeurig groene/paarse delen bij zitten , wat het open maken van de doos nog VEEL leuker maakt .

Over het uiterlijk heb ik helemaal niks te klagen , ziet er allemaal erg mooi en stevig uit.
Alleen de kleuren vind ik iets minder , maar dat maken de devastator versies weer helemaal goed.
Zelfs als je de energon versie hebt , zoals ik , is het toch nog waard om de alternatieve kleur bij elkaar te sparen , aangezien het verschillende kleuren zijn.

Zelf ben ik er heel erg blij mee , een HELE goede aanwinst voor de verzameling !!!

"Better version" by Mortengreen (UK) on Apr 21, 2006

I have the Energon/Universe reissue of Sixbuilder as well. I have to say, the multicolour version, this one, is better. Gives a much better feel for a gestalt than the single colour scheme. The fact that the chase figures are all green would, you would think, make the energon/universe reissue redundant though.

Sixbuilder, the original, and indeed best.

"great toy" by mastasini (Belgium) on Mar 8, 2005

I've noticed here and on the net that some people find this one of the lesser gestalts.
I disagree - sixbuilder stands firm against the others- the sixth robot is much better attached on the back then sixtrain or sixwing (at least that's my opinion).

also - my set of 12 figured 3 chase versions (my sixtrain and sixwing both only had 2 chase versions).

the only bit of a downside I found is that the green (chase) version is not as detailed as the original colours (for example the face is plain green - why not yellow or red eyes

with this price you can't go wrong - and these are the official Takara products! I've found knock-offs on the net who were more expensive. archonia why didn't I meet you earlier....

"de constructicons" by g2jazz (Nederland) on Feb 18, 2005

2 for the price of 1 sets
what more do you want (2 complete colors maybe :P)

the tf version of a suprise eggs.....

for the g1 mircomaster theme these little critters are very funny.
to bad 1 of my 2 sets had a broken gun when i opened it (the "fin"on the upside of the gun) was broken when i opened it..... gues that i will have to use some glue for that : (a pretty damn shame)

in europe (and the U.S.) there is a redo of these sets special devastator color. but every 1 bot (from the 6) are about 6 euro in price. to expencive if you ask me.... 20euro for thise 2 sets or 36euro for 1 europe set?

go buy this set instead of the redo :)

"Sixbuilder" by R@BID (Nederland) on Apr 19, 2004

4de van de 5 japanse micromasters combiners.
Sixbuilder bestaat uit constructie voertuigen en is zeer kleurrijk. Hij is wederom in een andere kleur dan de originele maar ik vind hem niet onderdoen voor het origineel.

Hij is verpakt per 2 sixbuilders en sommige van de geleverde robotjes zijn de 'chase' versie. Deze is dus moeilijker om compleet te krijgen maar zeker wel de moeite waard. Hij is net zo gekleurd als de G1 devastator combiner waar hij al wat van weg had.

De bijgeleverde onderdeeltjes om de grote robot te maken zijn van dezelfde mold als die van sixwing en sixturbo en zijn ook om te bouwen tot vliegtuigje om 1 van de micromasters in te vervoeren.

Ik vind het persoonlijk de minste van de micromasters combiners. Dit is niet door de kwaliteit want het is verder een prima stuk speelgoed, maar vooral het uiterlijk vind ik vergeleken met de andere combiners wat minder.

Het is verder wel vet om ze allemaal te hebben dus ik raadt hem zeker aan.

"Excellent transformer" by Foximus Prime (Netherlands) on Apr 15, 2004

This gestault is absolutely beautifull. It looks very cool with 6 mini transformers combined into six builder.
I bought one, and I love it. Every trans fan should get one of these, and while youre at it, grab all the other micromaster at the same time.

Great quality. Excellent toy

"Six Builder/Devastator" by Seth (Belgi├ź) on Mar 23, 2004

Van alle Micromaster combiners is dit zeker mijn favoriet. Zowel Six Builder als Devastator zijn fantastisch. Mijn enige "probleem" is dat ik het nogal jammer vind dat de 6de MM er vanachter gewoon aanhangt, hierdoor lijkt het eerder een combinatie van 5 MM in plaats van 6. maar dat is met de andere combiners ook zo.
Conclusie: fantastisch, kopen!