Street fighter ≫ Capcom girls collection figure Part 01 Capsule toy

Capcom girls collection figure Part 01 Capsule toy

Capcom girls collection figure Part 01 Capsule toy

Capcom girls collection figure Part 01 Capsule toy

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The Capsom girls collection Capsule toys features 6 beauties from several fighting games like Streetfighter, Dark stalkers and more... When you order this item you'll receive one capsule with one random figure.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Merchandise
Publisher Bandai
Series Street fighter
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code BAN-CAPZ0001
Customer reviews
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"super klasse!!!" by LadyDashu (Deutschland) on Sep 1, 2005

Die Figuren sind sehr schön verarbeitet und leicht zusammen zu bauen. Chun Li fällt zwar ab und zu um, aber das ist in meinen Augen kein so großes Manko. Besonders klasse ist Morrigan =)

"Small things come in good packages" by Shuji-Kun (Netherlands) on Feb 14, 2004

These Street Fighter capsule toy's are tiny, but they are really great for their small size. The details on this figure are very good of quality, and you can really tell who's who.

So if you want to collect Street Fighter figures for a really small price, go get these girls... uhh... capsule toy figures. You won't regret it!

Sculpture: A
Detail: A-
Collectible Value: B
Overall: A-

"sehr detailliert" by mondkind (Deutschland) on Jan 25, 2004

Die Figuren sind alle super detailliert bemalt und ohne Makel, was nicht unbedingt bei jedem Set zutrifft.
Dafür wirkt die Hälfte der Figuren aber eher etwas langweilig.
Sie lassen sich ohne Probleme zusammenbauen. Alles in allem ein gutes Set.

"it really worth its price !" by david cremoux (France) on Nov 14, 2003

first i was doubtful about what sort of quality i can find with capsule toys. It's very low price (in comparison with others sort of big miniatures.
but i was amazed of the quality and the details of these (that's the eyes which strike me most, clearly and skillfully painted !)
Bandai did a really good job with these.

they are really tiny-shiny-collection-figures of great quality and for an unbeatable price :)

the only bad point (and that's why i only put 4/5 stars) this is you can only have it at random, so you'll need some luck to complete all the collection ;)

"detail van de poppen" by glenn (Nederland) on Nov 10, 2003

de grote doet er hier niet toe , het gaat hier om goed lijkende poppen. Ze zijn makkelijk in elkaar te zetten en er is op elk klein detail gelet, wat de trouwe fans zeer op prijs stellen.