Samurai deeper Kyo ≫ Samurai deeper Kyo vol 01 GN

Samurai deeper Kyo vol 01 GN

Samurai deeper Kyo vol 01 GN

Samurai deeper Kyo vol 01 GN

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It is 1604, four years after the Battle of Sekigahara, Japan's greatest civil war. Yuya Shiina, a beautiful bounty hunter, mistakes a traveling medicine seller, Mibu Kyoshiro, for the legendary wanted man "Demon Eyes Kyo." As they travel together, Yuya enlists Kryoshiro's aid in capturing a gang of wanted criminals. When Kyoshiro is cornered and beaten senseless by the criminals, his eyes turn blood red. The peaceful Kyoshiro draws his sword and transforms into Demon Eyes Kyo, the legendary killer of a thousand men.

Kyoshiro and Kyo: Two vastly different spirits inhabiting one body.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Samurai deeper Kyo
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Supernatural , Samurai
Product Code PRE-2003032447
Customer reviews
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"must-have voor samurai liefhebbers" by Ewout Dox (Belgium) on Jul 30, 2008

deze manga kon me in het begin niet boeien maar na 10 pagina's wordt het steeds maar beter... hoe demon eyes kyo wordt voorgesteld is magnifiek gedaan!!

"A special samurai manga" by Kenka-sama (Spain) on Jan 28, 2007

My first samurai manga was "Rurouni Kenshin", published more than ten years ago.
When I first bought "Samurai Deeper Kyo", I though it would be a "new Kenshin". But, in "SDK" the world is more ficticious, the super-powers and special technics are more incredible and the enemies are demons more than humans.
If you are looking for something real or a manga to teach you japanese histoy... it's not "SDK". But if you are looking for some fun and martial arts/special powers, "SDK" is your serie.
The problem is that is still unfinished in Japan, so it's a very long serialization with more than 30 volumes.

"Great samurai serie" by Efin (Finland) on Aug 7, 2006

When i first bought vol 1 book, i was sold. I really love this serie. What can i say, what you already know if this? :D

People who like samurais, some unnatural powers and awesome action, THIS is your manga ^^

"Great!!" by Furiae (Nederland) on Mar 15, 2006

This manga is Really a must have for all people who loves action.
And it's drawn real good...and If you like manga where Samurai is involved this is the manga for you!!

And do see the Anim├ę before the Manga.
Cause the Manga is Better.

"a must read for samurai fans" by Kinlyu (Belgium) on Jun 9, 2005

This was my second manga I ever bought, and I still follow the series. The story is interesting and becomes more and more complicated. It doesn't explain what's inside till the very end, it makes you wonder about the characters and their relationships, who are they, where do their loyalties lay?

I really like the art too, the actionscenes are very dynamic (actually, more dynamic than those of the anime!). I think this is a mangaseries you should read if you are in any way interested in samurai stories or 16th century Japan.

If you have seen the anime, please read the manga because it is ALOT better.

"A whole other story then the Anime" by Ranma-Kun (Netherlands) on Mar 22, 2004

First of all, the manga itself is good. The drawings are really nice, and it's an interesting storyline.
About the storyline, the Manga is WAY different from the Anime, fans from the Anime will probably don't recognice the story from the Manga. In my opinion, it's better. The Manga rises above the Anime, in every way! (Exept mayb sound ;) )