King of bandit Jing ≫ Jing King of bandits vol 01 GN

Jing King of bandits vol 01 GN

Jing King of bandits vol 01 GN

Jing King of bandits vol 01 GN

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A flying ghost ship filled with gold-stuffed zombies? Now that sounds like a worthy target for Jing, King of Bandits. Joined by his avian sidekick Kir and the lovely Rose (who is actually an undercover cop trying to catch him in the act!), Jing hitches a ride onboard the ghost ship only to discover that the ship is really a luxury casino.

But it's no ordinary gold that these guests are playing with. These gold coins bite back and bite hard, feeding on the greed that the casino attracts. Can Jing break the curse and come away with the loot?

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series King of bandit Jing
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Comedy , Adventure , Science Fiction
Product Code PRE-2003032437
Customer reviews
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"This book has a high quality!" by Enya Pister (Belgi├ź) on Aug 4, 2008

Wonderfull story,wicked characters and Huge city's. And what can you find in huge city's? Right! Huge treasures. Jing is a young boy with a famous name. When he arives in the city of thieves,he shows why he deserved the name: King of Bandits.

"So crazy, you've gotta love it" by Lihanou (Nederland) on Oct 6, 2006

If you've seen the anime, you know that Jing, King of Bandit is not you're everyday type of serie. But the manga is truly amazing. I loved this first book. Never before have I seen such crazy characters, plot twists or word games.
It's a different type of comic, so be warned, but once you've tasted this wacky sence of humour, you want to taste it all!!
Oh, and don't forget: the anime Jing is much more relaxed than manga Jing. Where you heard hot stuff, you'll read hyper kiddo!

"A bit comic type of manga" by Joona (Finland) on Apr 28, 2005

The plot of King of bandit Jing is very normal and the graphics where a bit like in a comic, but it stil kept being a real manga by its great characters and humor.

"So-so" by ShadowLady (Nederland) on Apr 7, 2005

I bought this manga after watching the ova series, Which I really liked because it had such a fresh taste a bit of a comic feel to it and the sound effects were amazing. Sadly a lot of that is missing in the manga, it just comes down to a kid which is greatly underestimated most of the time but really very strong and an annoying side-kick with one "special"attack and really lame enemies. I'd say, perfect for the kids!

"AWESOME" by Spike (Netherlands) on Feb 28, 2005

I watched the anime series first and I just had to buy the manga.
If you like action, comedy and a relaxed atmosphere in the story, you should definetly buy this

"Jing is so cute!" by Aproxima (Netherlands) on May 14, 2004

I got this manga from my boyfriend last christmas, because I was always saying Jing is so cute!! And I must say, he looks just as good in the manga as in the anime. The manga and the anime stories are like the same (same story), but the kirr royale looks different in the manga (more painfull for kirr!!!)